The Enneagram

Become the dynamic leader everyone wants to follow. Working with Archetypes of The Enneagram helps to identify your unique patterns of imbalance, ignites the fire within, and helps produce a level of success never before imagined possible.

Using the ancient wisdom and innovative teaching of this amazing tool, you’ll develop highly effective skills in a new movement in leadership training, discover how to nurture high-performance teams and discover powerful secrets that unlock potential, create clarity of vision, inspiration and confidence in your own personal power.

This is not just a journey of knowledge but one of experience. Discover your own unique Hero’s Journey and your deepest mythical identity. Find your passion, explore your purpose, come to it with the willingness to delve deep into what could be, and reclaim that freedom with which you were born, now, become the leader you know you were born to be… read more.


” I found that Evelyn Olivares’s style of teaching and method of communication was by far the most memorable and effective form of learning I’ve ever received. Not only does she educate; she also listens. Evelyn ensures that the students that she coaches receive a complete understanding in order to reach their full potential.”

Wenna Wu Sq

– Wenna Wu

“Engaging Evelyn as my career coach is by far the most amazing career decision I have made – I really felt taken care of.
Evelyn really got to the core of me very quickly. She understood what I was aiming for and made it easy for me to sow the seeds.”


– Jack McKenzie

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Evelyn Olivares

To be a great leader, you need a true understanding of your self, your identity, and your purpose.

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