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About Evelyn Olivares

"Heroes must be born for leaders to succeed."

About Me

I’ve been evolving all of my life, changed careers often and at times, felt regret. But I kept pushing forward in my quest for living a life filled with passion and purpose and growing in strength and wisdom every step of the way.

In my early 30’s I made a huge decision to leave the corporate world behind because I wanted to be present and support my young family guiding them on their own journey. This decision was not easy. It required me to break free from the corporate world I loved so much, and I truly struggled with the decision from a professional perspective. This decision however, did secure my over-arching dream to have a loving and happy family life, and, an amazing career. You see I wanted both – It was simply “Not Negotiable”!


I found myself an amazing coach and true friend, which led me on my own mystical journey, diving deep into dark places I previously feared to tread. I came out the other side committed to my decision of leaving corporate behind and started my small business “Real Focus”.

In the beginning, I worked closely with some fabulous people in the real estate industry. One of my wildly important goals was to help bring the industry up to speed with the technological changes of the day (www.realestate.com.au was launching – and wow did it take a lot for agents to come on board with internet and software – Just look at them now!). Another important dream was to be part of a greater cause and lifting the image of the Australian real estate industry through my industry specific training. And always in the forefront of my mind was my mission to maintain a happy and stable family life.

As with all relationship and business decisions, there were a number of bridges to cross and dragons to slay. And can I just say, I am so glad I did not back down or walk away. I continue to enjoy being in a loving marriage of 35 years with my soul mate, have two wonderful Gen Y children and I feel blessed to have found such depth in my personal and professional relationships. And all this happening while carving out and working in a career that I simply love and adore, doing exactly what I love to do.


You see, I believe life is an epic adventure. Understanding the journey can be the critical difference in your success, the key to achieving your life’s goals, and result in whether you enjoy this amazing journey or not. The training and coaching programs I’ve created for you here open the doors to the art and architecture of ‘Archetypes of The Enneagram‘ and Leadership Evolves which are designed to help you discover your own unique Hero’s Journey and your deepest mythical identity.

For many of us, it’s like we lose a sense of where we are in life. I’m not sure if you’ve felt that, but I certainly have. My coaching journey has allowed me to have many realisations that might be helpful to you so this is why I’m including it here. In order to help you understand more deeply, I wanted to share with you my recent experience at a point in my life when as an empty nester I was uncertain about my career.

As a dedicated life long learner I’ve had the privilege of learning so much from so many, gained amazing insights from some of the best mentors and coaches on the planet. One of the most transformational for me was with Pip McKay where I became qualified in Matrix Therapies® and Archetypal Coaching® Mastery. Although I’d heard about Archetypes and The Hero’s Journey in the past, it was here at this training that I started to really understand what it all meant for me.

I learnt in depth about the different stages of development in humans: Childhood, Teenager, Young Adult and Mature Adult. And it was here that I found it resonates with me on a more profound level now, because its not just based on your chronological age, you see its a process we go through in all facets of our lives including career, business, health, wealth, relationships etc.


It was at this training, like a jolt of lightening it came to me that I was choosing to stay stuck in the teenager rather than moving forward to the young adult when it came to my career.

You see remaining a teenager would mean stopping what I was doing, closing down my established business and going back to getting a full time job with an ordinary income.  Why? Because it was safe, easy and I knew how to do that. And if I’m really honest, it’s because I had come to love being the rebel teenager.

Although I do love being the Innocent Adventurer taking on adventure and variety in my life, when it comes down to security and stability of the family unit, I am not particularly great at jumping in the deep end and taking huge risks.  Coming from the Nurturer where focus was on safety and security of those who’s life I was responsible for, I tended to choose predictability and safety and comfort.  Past experience showed that running my own business does not necessarily fulfil these needs in the short term.  On the other hand, did I want to go back to a 9-5 job in an office? To work with blinkers on, and not see the light of day? Did I want to feel restricted with what I could achieve and how I could positively impact people’s lives and have the freedom that I so craved?  No!

The realization in that moment, was a major breakthrough.   Appreciating that I was at the point of either remaining at the teenage stage or proceeding to become a mature adult in my career was ever so liberating. I felt a new form of freedom, the inculpable right to choose what I wanted to do with my life.  I was able to consciously consider my options and work through pros and cons of remaining stagnant, regressing or moving forward.

Now I’m not absolutely certain but if you have stayed with me and read this far, that means you’re probably like me and, you believe in destiny. And also believe that the choices we make in life when at the crossroads defines our ultimate destiny. Things don’t just happen by chance, they happen because we grab opportunities as we identify them. And yet, how many people do you know that let them go right on by. To be consciously aware of our options, no matter how confronting or frightening this can be, is, in fact, is quite liberating.

Of course, making the decision to move into the adulthood of your career, business or relationship is so exciting and moving towards building something you believe in. It’s your kingdom and it’s a calculated risk necessary to become all you can and were meant to be in order to live true to self.


So how about you, is this valuable insight going to serve you in your life now? Ready to leave the teenager behind and move into the young adult, and mature adult where you were meant to be? Are you taking responsibility for your actions and setting your own direction? If not, you may start opening up to The Journey that awaits you so you can achieve the results you desire in your career, business, health, wealth or relationships.


There are many amazing movie’s played out… come see for your self at “The Journey