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Discover your  True North

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What gets measured gets done; what gets recognized gets done even better.” – (Unknown)

Mostly large organizations have a Strategic Plan and a Business Plan, and small and medium sized enterprises have a Business Plan. These plans set out the organization’s goals and objectives and provide a framework or a hierarchy of objectives.

Managers, teams and individuals need to understand how their roles and responsibilities are aligned to these plans. This is achieved through a set of performance objectives which provides a clear ‘line of sight’ linking individual, team and organisational performance.

This is known as a ‘Clear Line of Sight to True North’.[1] True North is what the organization is aiming to achieve – its direction, its plans and strategies. True North provides a reference point for managers when planning and making decisions, in the same way as a compass setting provides a physical reference point when navigating.

[1] 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey


Activity 4 – Identifying your True North 

make some time to watch Bill George talk at Google – Discover your True North

My organisations true north
My True North is…
My Department/Team’s True North is…
True North for …………………….. (another member of your team) is

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