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Welcome to your Leadership Evolves training. This is where you can grab the opportunity to explore in-depth, the different types of personalities and behaviours in your life, both professionally and personally.

My name is Evelyn Olivares, founder and owner of Real Focus Development Partners, Coach Training Academy  and NLP EVolution. This is where you get to grow your leadership skills and  enhance your level of communication; I invite you to open your heart and mind, learn how to separate people from their behaviour and win. This is experiential learning at its finest… this training is about growing by pushing your limits, personally, professionally and organisationally.

I am so very proud, and very excited to bring you ‘Leadership Evolves’.

This is a truly excellent opportunity for participants to experience coaching at the deepest level and explore the opportunities of gaining qualifications in Leadership & Management. [BSB91519] Diploma of Leadership & Management.

Whatever your business or background… you can

  • gain the best insights
  • learn the best techniques
  • in a super-convenient and
  • super-concentrated way.

Do you ask yourself….

“how do I immediately build rapport, understand my clients needs and comfortably close business…
every time”

“how do I find the exact words to motivate, inspire, negotiate and manage in a way that affects people…
at a whole new level?”

“how do I overcome my fears and doubts to embrace new leadership techniques and strategies…

such as on-line learning”

To understand the answer to these questions, take the first step now.

Now that  you’ve signed-up  for the “Leadership Evolves” program.

you can begin your pre-learning training here, now.

 Video 1 Emotional Intelligence

ESI – Emotional & Social Intelligence & Leadership
BSBLDR501 Develop & use Emotional Intelligence

You’ll learn how to:-

  • Explain EI & SI and how it impacts on your own emotions plus that of other people emotions
  • Recognise & appreciate the emotional strengths & weaknesses of self others
  • Help other to understand and work with EI
  • How to maximise team outcomes and lift performance by using EI

Video 2 Professional Competence & Personal Development 

Professional Competence & Personal Development
BSBMGT502 Manage People Performance

You’ll learn how to:-

  • Confirm performance standards, code of conduct and work outputs
  • Gain agreement on KPI’s
  • Measure & monitor performance giving feedback
  • Undergo Training Needs Analysis
  • Provide training for the gaps
  • Coach & mentor individuals
  • Establish personal goals of each individual
  • Determine appropriate action around set goals
  • Maintain work-life balance
  • Evaluate & give feedback

Video 3 Lead & Manage Effective Teams & Workplace Relationships

Lead & Manage Effective Teams & Workplace Relationships
BSBWOR502 Lead & Manage Team Effectiveness
BSBLDR502 Lead & Manage Effective Workplace Relationships

  • Establish a performance plan by consulting with the team to establish a common understanding of team purpose, roles, responsibilities and accountability including KPI’s
  • Encourage team to communicate openly, share ideas, values
  • Reward those that contribute to the team
  • Develop processes to deal with conflict, issues, concerns
  • Be the role model – walk the talk – lead by example
  • Manage ideas & information, develop action plans, and develop trust & confidence within the team

Video 4 Sales Mastery & Marketing Persuasion

Excellence Assured Sales Strategies
BSBSLS502 Lead & Manage a Sales Team

  • Set sales team objectives
  • Create strategies to encourage motivate & support sales teams
  • Coach & mentor to attain targets
  • Investigate, identify, assess client needs and expectations
  • Implement client focussed tactics
  • Measure & monitor performance and ethical conduct
  • Recognise and reward performance and deal with under performance

Video 5 Negotiate & Communicate with Influence

Negotiate & Communicate with Influence
BSBLDR503 Communicate with Influence

  • How to communicate clearly, with authority while respecting protocols
  • Identify key individuals preferred personality type, respect their values & concerns, speak their language, keep negotiations on track and maintain integrity & credibility while presenting you case to their preferred style
  • Prepare key issues and summaries in advance adapting to the different styles, use the appropriate language and present your case meeting the needs of the audience.

Clients tell me this program is amazing, I’ve got heaps of exciting things to share with you here so go right ahead, sit back and enjoy, take some notes if that serves you well.

You’ll find the videos offer you lots of amazing insights and teaches you how to separate the person from their behaviour tapping into their motivation understanding what drives them. AND it directs you to the answers required for successful completion of the assessment paper. It’s really easy!

If you’ve ever hoped and dreamed that one day could take your leadership skills to the next level, but were unsure of exactly how to do it, then you are in the right place, you’re exactly where you need to be right now.

BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership & Management

Six of the twelve units of this qualification can be obtained through your attending Leadership Evolves 5 day event and virtual campus. Successful submission of work material will earn you recognition toward the full qualification in the BSB51915 Real Focus works under the auspices of the Registered Training Organisation “Australian Pacific College”.

Provider: Young Rabbit Pty Ltd (ABN 28 003 381 182) CRICOS Code: 01331F RTO No: 90396
Provider: Australian Pacific College Brisbane Pty Ltd (ABN 45 120 995 780) CRICOS Code: 03297J RTO No: 32352

Now, you’ve taken the first step, you can do this. You now have the ability to recall some of the great things you’ve learned and find the exact words to motivate, inspire, negotiate and manage in a way that affects people at a whole new level? Well Done!

I look forward to sharing more great insights with you next time.



Incorporating assessment of BSB51915 units

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Emotional Intelligence & Leadership

LE1 EI – BSBLDR501 Develop & use Emotional Intelligence

ESI ASSESS Leadership APC PARTICIPANT 24Jan17 MS Word doc

ESI ASSESS Leadership APC PARTICIPANT 240117 pdf

LE1 EI Leadership Learners Guide

LE1 ESI Additional Resources

LE1 EI ARK Additional Resources

LE1 EI ARK3 Additional Resource Kit

LE1 EI PP Presentation

Lead & Manage Effective Teams & Workplace Relationships

LE2 BSBWOR502 Lead & manage effective teams

LE2 BSBLDR502 Lead and manage effective workplace relationships

LE2 ASSESS BSBWOR502 & BSBLDR502 Lead Manage Teams Workplace APC PARTICIPANT MS Word doc

LE2 ASSESS BSBWOR502 & LDR502 Lead Manage Teams Workplace PARTICIPANT pdf

LE2 Combined Lead Teams Workplace Relationships Learner Guide

Professional Competence & Personal Development 

LE5 BSBMGT502 Manage People Performance 

LE5 BSBWOR501 Manage Personal Work Priorities & Professional Development

LE5 ASSESS BSBMGT502 & BSBWOR50 PPL Performance, Prof Development MS Word

LE5 ASSESS BSBMGT502 & BSBWOR50 PPL Performance, Prof Development pdf

LE5 Managing Performance, Priorities & Professional Development Learner Guide

LE5 Webinar Personal Professional Development PP slides

Excellence Assured Sales Strategies

BSBSLS502 Lead & Manage a Sales Team

BSBCUS501 Manage Quality Customer Service

LE4 ASSESS BSBSLS502 & BSBCUS501 Sales Customer Service PARTICIPANT MS Word

LE4 ASSESS BSBSLS502 & BSBCUS501 Sales Customer Service PARTICIPANT pdf

LE4 Excellence Assured Sales-Customer Service Learner Guide FINAL

Negotiate & Communicate with Influence

LE3 BSBLDR503 Communicate with Influence

LE3 ASSESS BSBLDR503 Communicate with Influence APC PARTICIPANT MS Word doc

LE3 ASSESS BSBLDR503 Communicate with Influence APC PARTICIPANT pdf

LE3 Communicate with Influence Negotiate & Communicate

LE3 Emotional Engagement Negotiation Scripts 2017