Reflect on and improve own professional practice

Reflective practice is an important component of professional development. Reflect on own practice means you analyse the work you do and think about the ways how you can improve. When you analyse your current work activities, you will realize that there are certain areas within your skills, knowledge and practices which can be enhanced by additional training and development. By identifying your strengths and weaknesses, setting goals, timeframes and evaluation mechanism you can effectively improve your professional practice.

By reflecting on own practice in Leadership, you can achieve greater impact on the leaders you coach. Take a closer look at your ongoing ability to reflect on your capability to meet professional standards. This includes the ability to

  • Self-evaluate your knowledge and skills
  • Seek and reflect upon feedback from co-workers and clients
  • Provide feedback to co-workers
  • Identify how the values, beliefs and behaviours influence your practice

As a leader, you may find it difficult to listen and accept feedback on your own performance. That may mean you become defensive and pass on the blame either to the circumstances or another person. But if you are truly committed to adopting best practices and providing best services to your clients then you need to be aware of your areas of further development as much as you are confident of your strengths. Only when you recognize there is a performance gap, you will be able to make efforts in the right direction.

So, stay open to new ideas!


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