SMART(ER) goals, broken down:

S – Goals must be Simple and Specific. Be specific with what you want… the more specific the better.

What – What do you want to accomplish?
Why – What are the benefits or reasons for accomplishing the goal?
Who – Who is involved?
Where – Where is this going to happen?
When – Make a time frame for the goal.
How – How are you going to reach the goal?

M – Targets should be Measurable. Goals should be measurable so you can track your progress on achieving them. Ask yourself the question, “How will I know I have achieved this goal”? That which you measure, you’ll treasure.
So think about what will be the measurement of achievement of your goal/s.

A – Goals should have Accountability. Written As if Now and be  Attainable – Is the goal reasonable and achievable? State the goal/s as if already achieved, with the date of success, where you will be, how it feels.

R – Goals must be Realistic. Unrealistic goals lead to discouragement. Note the difference between attainable and realistic. A quick example … an attainable goal is saving $500 per month. To do this, the person would have to refrain from luxury spending and cut their entertainment drastically. Is it a realistic? Perhaps not, the goal is attainable (possible) but unrealistic. Perhaps a better goal would be saving $200 per month and slowly increase the amount

T – Targets should be Time based. State it as if it is done. Decide your time-table for completion, and stick to it. To give your goals structure, create a reasonable time frame for the goal. Without a due date for the goal, it makes it easier to procrastinate and put the goal off. This is especially important for business goals where windows of opportunities might pass as may the optimal result

E – Goals should be Exciting, Ethical and Empowering. Exciting, empowering goals will be met sooner.  Are the goals, and the process to do them, ethical choices? Are these goals that you are passionate and excited about?

R – Goals should be Recorded & Re-evaluated, in a place where you can look at it/them every day. Did you complete the goal/s? Excellent, reward yourself! If there are still incomplete goals, re-evaluate and set up SMARTER goals.


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