A Healthy Life is a Simple Life

Do you feel out of sorts lately? Do you have less time for yourself or feel as if your whole life is spent managing the treadmill of daily chores? If your lifestyle is less than healthy, it’s important to take stock of current practices and to address the areas of change. Embracing a new healthy life will soon increase your zest for living and help you to enjoy a simpler, yet more fulfilling existence. Making positive changes may seem difficult at first but, small stepping stones can enable large steps towards a healthier way of life.

As a starting point, consider the areas of change. Take a good look at your life and sense rather than think about the aspects that cause the most dissatisfaction. Take a look around you too. Having too much clutter in the home or in the workspace can cause feelings of blocked energy and listlessness. It can be distracting and lead to poor mental clarity. Although clearing out clutter can be a chore, it can be surprisingly beneficial affording a sense of satisfaction and positive energy once it’s done. You will feel lighter and less hemmed in.

Starting the day in a positive way may not always be easy, especially if you have had little sleep or the alarm failed to go off and you are late for work. If you can start your day in a more organised fashion, you will find that there is less stress and a greater sense of well-being. Have everything ready the night before and rise about 20 minutes earlier than usual, it may be difficult to prise yourself out of bed initially, but once you have created a routine, you’ll soon wake up naturally at this time. Having these extra minutes can help you to feel much more positive and less stressed and if you enjoy meditating or practising yoga, use these extra minutes to reset your mind and body.

Exercise is always beneficial and increases endorphins which make you feel instantly much better, try walking to work where possible, or, using half an hour of your lunch break to go for a brisk walk. 30 minutes each day will help to energise you and to clear your mind. Alternatively, if you lead a fairly sedentary lifestyle, try some yoga at your desk, a few stretches using the desk and chair will keep you flexible and your posture good.

To aid your healthy life, re-evaluate how you do the shopping. Don’t always choose the cheapest of products without checking the labels, you may be surprised by what you are buying and don’t fall for the marketing hype just because it says super healthy on the label. Become your own natural health detective and choose natural products instead of chemical-based products and these include any beauty or body care products that contain parabens, sodium laurel sulfate or phthalates etc. You may be amazed at the amount of harmful chemicals within many of your favoured products. Start replacing them little by little and this will also aid to your new healthy life.

Most people carry too many stressors around with them, so try to strip back the areas of life that cause the most anxiousness. Utilise natural resources that can make you feel better, calmer, and peaceful in an instant. Pure aromatherapy oils are easy to use and their scent can have an instant positive affect. Lavender for relaxation and rosemary oil to aid concentration. Ideal for work or at home. If you feel creatively stifled, try to indulge in a little writing each day – create a journal that charts your journey towards health, capture any triggers for agitation by way of self-therapy. Try out a little artwork too and free up a little time each week to go sketching or to practice your brush strokes at home. Art has wonderful healing benefits irrespective of the finished result.

When you consider making changes, it’s worth considering polishing up those brain cells too by learning a new skill or embarking upon a chosen self-improvement path. Whatever you do, try to keep it as simple, yet nurturing to your sense of self as possible so that it resonates with your new healthy life rather than to conflict with it. You might wish to change your career, or simply to start feeling good about yourself, boosting confidence and well-being. The choice is yours. Either way, you’ll soon see and feel the difference.

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