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Maria Luiza Dias

"Helping people achieve success and achievement."

About Me

I am a lawyer, graduated in Business Management. My area of ​​expertise is business contract writing and real estate law in Brazil.

I started my career at ExxonMobil Company in facilities and real state department. I worked as a lawyer in a large firm working with divorces, family succession and other issues that affect our area.  For the past seven years I`ve been working  on my family business, a chain of petrol stations and convenience stores.

In 2019 I  found Evelyn while studying my Diploma of Leadership and Management. What an amazing experience it’s been to be living in Sydney and getting to know Australia and New Zealand. Evelyn’s been a great inspiration encouraging me to  develop my servant leadership skills.

And, one of the many highlights of my Australian adventure was spending four days with Anthony Robbins in September 2019. I believe I’ve found my passion and purpose, my main goal moving into 2020 is to continue to grow and develop my best personal and professional self every day and wish to play my part in contributing  to and helping other people achieve success and fulfilment in their life.

Maria will be sharing Insights on…

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Emotional intelligence in real estate negotiations
  • Leadership as a competitive advantage for real estate agents
  • What Should I Major In?
  • Why invest in Leadership.

and so much more