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Evelyn Olivares

"Heroes must be born for leaders to succeed."

About Me

I’ve been evolving all of my life, changed careers often and at times, felt regret. But I kept pushing forward in my quest for living a life filled with passion, purpose, growing in strength and wisdom every step of the way.

Dragon's to slay

We each have personal and business decisions to make, there are a number of bridges to cross and dragons to slay over our lifetime. And can I just say, I am so glad I did not back down or walk away from any of those dragons. I continue to enjoy being in a loving marriage of 38 years with my soul mate, have two wonderful Gen Y children and I feel blessed to have found such depth in my personal and professional relationships. And all this happening while carving out and working in a career that I simply love and adore, doing exactly what I love to do.