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Evelyn Olivares

"Heroes must be born for leaders to succeed."

About Me

I’ve been evolving all of my life, changed careers often and at times, felt regret. But I kept pushing forward in my quest for living a life filled with passion, purpose, growing in strength and wisdom every step of the way.

My Vision

My Vision is  LIVING THE DREAM  – playing my part in creating the most outstanding sculptures of those whose lives I touch, and those I am yet to meet.

My Mission

My Mission is to help people out of the shadows and into the light, to  INSPIRE, MENTOR, EMPOWER  people to accelerate success and grow with passion and purpose.

My Purpose

My Purpose is to assist you in reviving your ability to express life as you truly wish it to be, having you STEP UP INTO YOUR OWN PERSONAL ADVENTURE,  one that sees you profit from your own passion and purpose with more choices, direction and energy in the way you experience life. My Purpose fuels my Passion.

My Values

What keeps me going!


Helping others dig deep, finding a way to push through their challenges and blocks to triumph. Understanding that love springs from inside, it’s the immortal surge of passion, excitement, determination, power, strength and vitality that nourishes, extends and protects. My Passion ignites a fire within, driving me in my quest to live my purpose!

Excellence & Personal Growth

Striving for the highest personal achievement in all aspects of training and coaching individuals and teams. I choose to believe that inside every individual there is more potential than even they realise. At the end of the project, there must be some form of personal growth, benefit, and reward for my client and me!


 I look upon those whose lives I touch as special and unique individuals. This rewards me with the power of generating goodwill, happiness, and achievement, which allows me to see what unique perspective, knowledge, and insight they can offer.


Honesty and open channels of communication is a must. Without mutual trust, there is no relationship.

Power – Authority – Freedom

 I perform at my best with the authority to make decisions and the autonomy to delegate; take the necessary steps, important to plan and implement the best solution for the best possible learning outcome.

Dragon's to slay

We each have relationship and business decisions to make, there are a number of bridges to cross and dragons to slay over our lifetime. And can I just say, I am so glad I did not back down or walk away from any of those dragons. I continue to enjoy being in a loving marriage of 38 years with my soul mate, have two wonderful Gen Y children and I feel blessed to have found such depth in my personal and professional relationships. And all this happening while carving out and working in a career that I simply love and adore, doing exactly what I love to do.

Life Is an epic Adventure

You see, I believe life is an epic adventure. Understanding the journey can be the critical difference in your success, the key to achieving your life’s goals, and result in whether you enjoy this amazing journey or not. The training and coaching programs I’ve created for you here open the doors to the art and architecture of ‘Archetypes of The Enneagram‘ and Leadership Evolves which are designed to help you discover your own unique Hero’s Journey and your deepest mythical identity.

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