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The Butterfly in YOU is Excited to Emerge and Evolve          

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Become a Leadership Evolves Butterfly

As you stand alone about you now

With wings poised, set for flight

Close your eyes and feel your heart

Softly tremble with delight


The thrill and the excitement

Your time you know has come

To shed your mortal consequence

A new Life has just begun


Should you see nothing around you

As you prepare to fly

It’s just because your true new Self

Awaits you in your Sky


The only piece of earthliness

You need take along is YOU

Everything you need from now

Is your spectacular new view


A look on you, a look on Life

With vision from within

Is all you’ll ever want from now

Nothing is missing


See your Self from the inside out

See your World the same way too

And everything you ever need

Will coming looking now for YOU


So spread your wings and take a breath

As you discard your life of old

Explode into magnificence

Into radiance untold


It will be an awesome Journey

It will be a splendid flight

From then till now a brand new YOU

YOU are now in IN-finite!

*     *     *

Evelyn Olivares – Coach Training Academy
and poetic prowess of… Glen Maree


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