Career Planning – The Intuitive Way

Career planning is an integral part of any employment success and should be on an annual to-do list rather than being left in readiness for the time when job satisfaction takes a downward turn. Preparation can liberate, inform and open up new potential opportunities. Career planning enables you to regularly evaluate your current role and to consider whether it provides the same level of fulfilment as before. Even if you are completely happy within your role, being aware of other options should be considered a positive.

Your career of course is important, especially considering the amount of time spent in the workplace; therefore, it makes sense to stay informed and ahead of the game. Your working life can change quickly, sometimes without warning, a new boss or colleagues, a company takeover or, redundancy. Consider your current role and whether you need to continue acquiring new skills or, if there are any areas of development required. Perhaps it’s possible to extend your qualifications or, add new soft and personal development skills to your arsenal.

You can take an intuitive approach to career planning and really consider what you want out of life. Perhaps your current career is dull or you’ve risen as high within the ranks as is possible, perhaps you no longer feel inspired, or, maybe there is little sense of satisfaction at the end of the day. If you have started dreading going into work, then it’s time to make a change. Equally, you can have an abundance of qualifications, but social skills are high on the list of must-haves. Having the ability to communicate and build rapport with others is essential as is being able to present or manage meetings, so some development might bring a deeper reward to your working environment. This is why taking an intuitive and well-rounded approach to career planning is essential.

If there is a budget for adhoc training, consider extending your skills by learning more about you. Consider why you act in specific ways, why you may have missed opportunities or, the opposite, have been driven to grab every opportunity that comes your way. We are all driven by our own personality types and learning about the foundations of your personality traits so that you can accentuate the positive aspects will be extremely useful. This type of training is called The Enneagram and The Hero’s Journey. The nine pointed enneagram symbol represents very distinctive strategies connecting to the self, others and in fact, every aspect of life.

It’s a useful resource for finding balance – excellent for those in stressful careers and, it can develop positive patterns of thinking as well as opening up the potential to act in ways that is true to type. Think of the enneagram as a map to transform lives and this is why it can be utilised so effectively in business and can enhance career planning.

This is just one type of development resource but it is a powerful one and recognised by many businesses. Employers appreciate forward-thinkers; those who are prepared to seek out and fulfil their development needs. But whether you do this for employment requirements or, to gain greater insight into your own personality is up to you, but, the benefits remain that it will increase confidence and clarity which will help you on a day to day basis and increase career success.

Take some time now to research more on The Enneagram. Or go here for  more insights on the Hero’s Journey. How’s your life’s journey panning out? The Journey. Are you exactly where you want to be in your life right now? Living the life you imagined you would be at this stage of your life?


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