Careers Advice for Teenagers

It’s always hard for parents to give their teenagers careers advice and if your son or daughter is entering that special age where they have to consider their options for their future career, it can be hard to guide them because they may simply be unaware of the importance of it all. It’s not easy being a teenager in this day and age. Career prospects can still be limited while the economy fluctuates globally. Those early teenage years are already fraught with never ending decisions, options, exams, job prospects or college and university choices. Many teenagers think they know what they want to do in life but this invariably changes. It is also true to say that the work market for young adults is a very different place than when you first had to take on these challenges. Each generation has its own set of pressures.

Having open communication with your teenagers can be greatly beneficial. Showing them details of the average wage can give them a stark taste of reality. For example in the UK, the average wage for a 16-17 year old would be £3.72 to £3.79 an hour. In Australia, currently a 16 year old could earn $7.74 an hour and an 18 year old, $9.46 but when you consider this to the national minimum wage of $16.37, it is low indeed. If you can explain to your teenagers that the hourly wage will not stretch far if they consider day to day costs including food, clothes and accommodation, the money for their hard earned endeavours soon disappears. Encouraging your teenagers to seriously consider their options for future employment is a necessity.

The chances are that they will change their jobs and their industry sectors many times throughout their career and they are also likely to experience periods without work, whether planned or not. Careers advice might be difficult when you are so immersed within the situation yourself but the best thing that you can do from the home front is to enable your teenagers to really understand themselves and to explore all the possibilities that are open to them. There are many career options and some will be harder to achieve, but instil in your children that the easiest option is not always the best long term decision. Encourage them to research and to make a decision and to stick to it once they have considered all facts. Then they need to get out there and to make it happen.

Taking your teenagers along to recruitment fairs in the area is also another way to show them how competitive the job market can be. You can also invest in their career prospects by taking them to a life coach who specialises in career development. This will enable them to not simply understand themselves more readily but to comprehend the type of personal skills that they will need to utilise to do well in a business environment. A business life coach can help them with their communication and interview skills and help them to develop a mind-set for their working life, in fact all of the regular skills that are paramount to success but not covered typically in a school curriculum. This will serve to increase career potential going forward.

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