Evelyn Olivares | Caroline’s Story – True Tales of The Enneagram 1
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Caroline’s Story – True Tales of The Enneagram 1

Caroline’s Story – True Tales of The Enneagram 1

Caroline had always wanted to run her own business and had studied hard in her higher education with the plan of setting up her own business at some point. Fate had stepped in and she’d ended up working in various high-level positions for a variety of companies where she was able to sharpen her business instincts – setting up new business ventures in-house, focusing on the analytical aspects. As the company she worked for was large, there were specialists in all areas who could then follow on from her proposals so Caroline had never seen a business through to fruition.

But even though she was successful in her field, this wasn’t what she had wanted to do and the urge to continue to set up her dream business was still strong. As the years passed, she still was unsure as to what business would be viable and knew she needed to take on a project with real passion and determination.

Quite by chance Caroline noticed that there was an exhibition of holiday homes available and decided to expand her horizons on

“The Sunshine Coast”, with kilometers of some of the most magnificent sandy beaches and popular  surf spots in the world, rural hinterland and national parks with multicoloured sand dunes and all here, along the breath-taking  south east coast of Queensland.

Curious, she went along to the exhibition realizing that this could give her an opportunity to set up her own business. She liked the idea of offering holiday accommodation to guests on a global scale, and perhaps, helping other owners do the same. Although she had never considered doing this before, Caroline knew she had the drive to make it happen. She also had the capital to buy a place in Noosa and with nothing to hold her back, decided that it was too good an opportunity to miss.

She spent the next few months putting together a business plan and researched the area well, she realised there was a gap in the market in her chosen area for such a venture and purchased her own property where there were many English-speaking residents and owners dealing in a multi-lingual marketplace.

The location was also perfect for tourism. Caroline left nothing to chance, always analytical, her research was meticulous and her business planning excellent. The property she had purchased had a separate apartment which she could market readily on AirBnB to bring her in a steady income while she set up the other side to the business. There was an external building which she determined to set up as an office space where eventually people could come to her to discuss their property needs.

Caroline was a consummate professional and wanted to take her usual level of professionalism into this new business venture. Her business began to thrive. Property owners in the region were more than happy to hand over the business side of their rentals to Caroline, recognising that she was professional. She soon built up an excellent reputation of business excellence.

The problems began when Caroline became overwhelmed with work and needed to take on others to help her. Whereas previously she had worked for a company with established members of staff, now Caroline found it difficult to find the right people and those that she could trust. She was afraid that if she made the wrong decisions, her reputation and business would suffer as a result. Caroline eventually took on two office employees each with their unique job responsibilities and as time went on, Caroline found that she couldn’t let go of the reins. She was desperate to take a holiday and needed to do so because she was tired and overworked. But in her mind, no-one was able to do the job as good as her.

You see as a perfectionist, her standards were very high and even though her two employees worked hard, she still couldn’t completely let go. As time went on, Caroline realized that this was a part of her personality that was causing a big problem and she needed to understand why. Caroline enrolled in some private sessions with a Business coach, and after only a few sessions, was able to understand her own personality type and to realize why she acted the way she did. Caroline began to feel transformed, once she had a greater understanding of self, she found it easier to relate to others and to connect with them more readily. Gradually she was able to take a more intuitive approach to the business and with her employees rather than an analytical one.

In time, Caroline was able to go on holiday and leave her business in safe hands.

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