Carve Out a Personal Development Plan for Career Success

Ask anyone who has become successful within their chosen career and they will state that having a personal development plan is an integral part of goal setting enabling them to consistently strive towards greater outcomes. For career success, it takes time, dedication and commitment if you wish to stand heads and shoulders above the rest; you need to have a plan of action, to identify the market and company needs and to ensure you can deliver. Business Leadership Evolves.

On a personal level, career success will be short-lived if you are not fully confident and comfortable in your own skin. To achieve a responsible or more senior position, there’s no time to second guess yourself, you have to be able to make quick and decisive judgements, to be able to stand your ground and to have conviction in your beliefs. This means understanding who you are and what makes you tick. You have to believe in yourself and your abilities.

A successful career person knows how to pace themselves and they understand the environments in which they can thrive, they have an innate sense of confidence and it shows, they are flexible, adaptable and determined. Successful people know who they are and they work on this aspect of themselves, continuously re-investing in their personal development plan and never giving up. Without doubt, they sponsor their own career success because they live and breathe it. Success isn’t an add-on, it’s an integral aspect of any achiever, they believe and therefore they are.

If you strive to achieve great things in your own career, it’s worth taking on board some of these qualities and learning to understand who you are and fine-tuning your attributes will enable you to go far. But maybe you are not confident, perhaps at this moment, you second-guess yourself, you haven’t climbed up that initial notch yet and are not sure where to start.

Career success or personal success – they both start with you. Check out the videos collection on my website; Kelly the Knight, or Omar the Sage, or Naomi the Nurturer. It may help you to understand your personality type, know your strengths and your areas of development. You also need to understand how to relate to others, how to read them and how to communicate and manage them effectively. One great resource starting to be utilised in businesses is that of The Enneagram. It can be used for coaching – so perfect for self-study and in workshop settings but it is surprisingly accurate, enabling all to develop a deep understanding of their unique personality type and to foster a keen sense of others – learning how they act and interact the best.

The Enneagram is also a tool for confidence development. It follows the hero’s journey and enables each individual to follow their own. It’s also the perfect resource for finding and enabling a balanced approach to life – especially important for those with stressful lives or demanding careers.

These points can form the starting point of any personal development plan and careful goal setting and learning while accruing all of the necessary skills will pay dividends and enable career success.

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