Coaching Leadership Evolves

The Super-Conscious Coach in YOU is calling Out for MORE
YOUR Passion … YOUR Future … YOUR Success!

An Exclusive Growth Opportunity
for Coaches who are Inspired to keep Evolving

Discover The Hero in YOU and Align, at the Core, with Your True SELF

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Master Your Coaching Destiny With Archetypes of The Enneagram
and Dance of The Dragon ™

Expand Your Coaching Horizons
and Become the Dynamic Coach Everyone Wants to Engage

You’ve chosen your path wisely, because you firmly believe it’s your purpose and calling. The healer in you is aligned with the divine, finely-tuned, and you’ve answered with conviction, and with dedicated devotion to your craft.

Whatever your speciality, your passion is people; your purpose adds value and meaning to your life; and your reward is the lasting change you instil, and witness, in the lives of all those you touch

To become a great Leadership coach, you need a deep and meaningful understanding of your True Self, your Real Identity, and your Whole Life Purpose.

Only then can you inspire the extraordinary in others.

When you attend a Leadership Evolves Event, you will gain a new-found, and startlingly profound, self-awareness and self-knowledge, which will give you the power to unlock the hidden potential in YOU, your team, and your business.

Leadership Evolves is a new movement in coaching leaders where you will also learn to master the hidden arts of how to drive successful, high-performance executive teams and our future leaders.

Your team will learn the deepest secrets and latest insights on:

  • the latest Innovation in Communication at the deepest level
  • individual relationships with Archetypes of the Enneagram 
  • The Hero’s Journey to enrich and delight
  • NLP and the Sales Champion
  • Coaching and Leading High Performance Teams
  • Working with Emotional Intelligence
  • Excellence Assured Sales Strategies
  • Professional Competence and Personal Development
  • Negotiating and Communicating with Influence and Effect

Now’s the time to take back that Freedom with which you were born.

Free Yourself and Become the Person You Were Born To Be.

Discover How Your Future will Look Once You’ve Mastered What Matters Most?

All of this and more, in 5 action-packed days you’ll never forget!

Book NOW for Coaching Leadership Evolves and Transform Your Business,
Revolutionise Your Career 
and Expand your Horizons with a Renewed
Sense of Confidence that will Elevate Your Whole Life!

Learn to Truly  Express Your Unique and Infinitely Powerful SELF

Choose from one of the Following Locations and Event Dates, or Mix and Match!

WOLLONGONG  – Serenity on The Waterfront

2018 – Fri 25, Sat 26 May

Sydney venue and dates to be advised

BALLINA / BYRON BAY – Ramada Hotel

2018 -Fri 13, Sat 14 & Sun 15 July


2018 – Wed 18, Thu 19 & Fri 20 July

Book NOW for Leadership Evolves and Transform Your Business,
Revolutionise Your Career 
and Gain a Renewed Sense of Confidence
that will Elevate Your Whole Life!

Now, You Can…

  • Nurture and inspire your future leaders  to deliver amazing results, consistently
  • Become a Leader and Coach, beyond your wildest expectations
  • Discover exactly what makes people tick, and how to keep them thriving
  • Foster an environment packed with passion and innovation
  • Gain a National Leadership Qualification along the way

And YES, You Qualify!

Leadership Evolves is Your Immediate Pathway to Gaining Credentials in:

  • *BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management

and / or

  • *CTA51155 Diploma of Coaching & Developing Leaders NLP Coaching for Executives and Teams

* Note: additional costs incurred when taking on a Diploma level training

Through the Leadership Evolves 5-day Intensive, you will learn how to tap into a deep sense of awareness and transform your personal and professional success.

You earn credits to achieving your Diploma of Leadership & Management [BSB51915]

This training is Nationally Recognised and Globally Respected!

And Yes, Now, You Will…

Take this your opportunity to tap into authentic aspects of these enhanced spiritual development techniques and allow them to lead you to profound fulfilment and to a deeper, more connected awareness of, and meaning to Life, and reveal the true essence of your SELF.

And you’ve come this far for a reason. You have an important message to share with the world.

You may not know yet, exactly, what that message is, but you know it’s important enough for you to find out more…

As you read on,  you will discover a completely revolutionary approach to connect with the Super-Conscious Coach in you.

Grow exponentially in knowledge and learn new skills that set you on a pathway that immediately furthers your personal growth, your career, and the success of your Coaching Business.

Get Your Ticket to The Leadership Evolves Five Day Event for just $2,597
or get a DAY pass from $320 per day
BONUS –  every paying adult can bring along a teenager  (18-21 yrs) FREE

Book NOW and Secure Your Earlybird Discount of $500 per person

or Spread Your Investment over 6 payments of only $435 OR purchase a DAY PASS for $320 pp pd


Commit and attend all five days and
You Get These Exclusive  Special Bonuses

Ultimate Learners Guides
Your Own Personality Profile
Cool NLP Tools and Templates
Access to Action-Packed Webinars
Powerful Scripts and Role Plays for Your Team

Watch the Magic Unfold…

Discover powerful secrets that unlock your deepest potential and fast-track your success path to help immediately further your career.

Explore hands-on, techniques derived from ancient wisdom about how to nurture even the most challenged thinkers to become high-performers.

Become the dynamic coach everyone wants to work with!

NOW is YOUR moment to lead yourself to new heights!

Watch this Short Video to Gain an Insight into the Archetypes of the Enneagram

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