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Don’t think you are good enough to be the kind of coach you wish to be?

Lacking the confidence to take your career to the next level?

Wasting your potential?

Feeling not worthy of being better?

Don't feel like you belong in leadership coaching?

Confused on how to grow your skill set?

Want to stay doubtful?

What if  you could… 

You Deserve A Better Way To Advance Your Career


Fuel your passion to coach others. Take your abilities beyond all limitations. Understand and learn to unlock your true potential.


You chose coaching because you felt it was your purpose. Learn to use that purpose to drive your career and achieve your greatest self.


Our coaching provides you with the skills and knowledge to take your career and abilities to levels you never before imagines possible.

Blessed To Have Coached So Many Great Coaches

Dear Evelyn, Thank you again from the deepest part of my soul and spirit. I was in a tough place and you reached your hand out to me at exactly the right time. I knew my subconscious was sabotaging me and yet, I felt helpless to understand why. The way you skillfully led me through a deep exercise utilizing the Enneagram had a profound impact on me. Evelyn, I feel deeply seen, heard and understood by you...a true gift of the highest magnitude. I feel that you opened me up to a more empowered way of being, helping me to build back my lost self-confidence. The wisdom, fluidity, and heart-full compassion you shared with me were exactly what I needed. Anyone who has the good fortune to work with you will be truly blessed.

Snow Thorner

"What an inspiration. What an adventure this has been. Evelyn has coached and helped me clarify my destination and it’s fantastic. I have regained my confidence and can live my own life on my own terms and really succeed."

Natalie Farrugia

"Evelyn you made a difference to me. I always looked forward to your class and will always like to be in contact with you. You make people happy and that’s important. I had been a very sad and lonely person due to some stuff that was going on in my life, but going to your class always made me happy. Funny, isn’t it, you probably were not even aware as to what impact you were having on my life!"

Saras Singh

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Neuroscience Based Coaching & Training

Are You Willing To Continue Feeling Doubtful?

How many days have you wasted from reaching your goals

Satisfied with where your career is?

Do you want to give up on coaching?

Archetypes Of The Enneagram

Archetypes of the Enneagram is the self development program where you can learn the subtleties, skills and structure to move an audience using timeless techniques and innovative teaching.