Compare Selling Methods


Is That An Option?

List & Sell with agent – Private Treaty

You can choose to sign-up with an agent to list and sell your property via the traditional private treaty method of selling property.


Is That An Option?

List & Sell with agent – Auction

You can choose to sign-up with an agent to list and sell your property and engage a traditional auctioneer to conduct the auction onsite or in-rooms

with OPENN

Is that an Option?

Promote to Sell your own home

You can choose to market your own property for sale and engage a certified OPENN Negotiation agent-auctioneer to negotiate with buyers and conduct the online auction



  • Home owner works with agent to set the price, agent negotiates with buyers  to achieve a sale as close as possible to asking price
  • Contracts can be signed ‘subject to’ certain conditions such as building reports and finance approval
  • Flexibility in the length of time your property is on the market



  • It can take longer for the property to sell compared to Auction
  • More frequent open for inspection times less convenient for owners
  • pricing strategy must be right – pricing above market value can result in little interest – buyers will compare  other properties in the price range leaving the over priced property as the perceived ” least value for money”

Benefits (traditional) Auction:

  • Going to Auction generates interest from multiple buyers – buyers  are invited to bid, or, put their best price forward to secure the property – the highest bidder at the end of Auction is the successful buyer providing the price has matched or exceeded  reserve
    • Going to Auctions generates urgency and can result in
      1) best offer comes in and Sold before Auction day, or,
      2) Sold under the hammer at Auction, or
      3) Sold post Auction
  • Owner has the advantage of setting the reserve price and sale date
  • laser focussed marketing plan with pre-arranged inspections
  • Auction creates a sense of urgency so buyers must act within a specific timeframe



  • Many buyers will not bid at auction because they feel it is too stressful and not transparent
  • The highest price achieved at auction is an indication of the value the market is prepared to pay – this may be lower than the owner’s expectations


  • You can Save thousands of dollars by advertising your own property – no excessive commission.
  • You stay in control of the greatest asset of your life
  • You don’t need to put up with unreliable  agents letting you down
  • You can take advantage of doing your own research on likely selling price or property value by using the real estate portals available to the public i.e. recent sales; similar homes on the market in your neighbourhood
  • You get to feel better about tracking your own property in the market in real time
  • you get to work alongside a licensed real estate agent and auctioneer who is OPENN Negotiation certified saving you $000,


  • Buyers may not want to negotiate directly with the owner.
  • Some buyer comments on what is ‘wrong’ with the property can be cutting. Genuine buyers who don’t wish to offend by voicing  their concerns may simply decide to  move on to another property
  • Professional agents may offer prospects on their  buyer database VIP viewings before opening the property to public inspection
  • As the owner of the property you may not be able to detach and remain objective when it comes to the marketing, selling and negotiation process


Benefits openn Auction:

  • Selling a property with openn negotiation is more rewarding, less guessing, more transparency and lots of excitement
  • openn is completely transparent and designed to get the best possible price for owners
  • it avoids the possibility of over or under pricing a property
  • it allows bidders the opportunity to continually improve their bids until no more bids can be met
  • the property can sell at anytime throughout the campaign resulting in a quicker sale at the best possible price
  • buyers are qualified early by signing a contract of terms and conditions which the owner agrees to in writing and agent-auctioneer validates
  • pre-qualification means we can maximise the number of buyers eligible to bid
  • pre-qualified buyers means more competition which drives the price up


Benefits openn Auction:

  • Buying a property with the openn negotiation process means you get a fair deal , less stress, absolute transparency and is a very exciting experience
  • you get to see exactly what other buyers are offering so there is no way you can miss out on your dream home for a few thousand dollars because you know exactly what the market is prepared to  pay
  • your terms and conditions i.e. level of deposit, date of settlement, finance conditions etc, are agreed to by the vendor before your bid is accepted so you can feel confident you are competing against real buyers because they too have signed contracts just like you
  • the openn negotiation app allows you to see in real time the number of buyers interested in the property, current bids and the latest changes to the auction
  • should an offer be submitted and accepted by the owner, the app will alert you of the price and date/time of proposed sale giving you the opportunity  to improve your offer and secure the home for yourself
  • as a qualified buyer you are in complete control, you can let it go, withdraw your bid or improve the price to secure the property you love