Conflict Management – How the Enneagram Adds to the Work-Place Toolkit

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February 28, 2017
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Conflict Management – How the Enneagram Adds to the Work-Place Toolkit

We spend so much time in the work-place surrounded by people who all have their own viewpoints, feelings and perceptions, so it’s no wonder that sometimes disagreements arise. Working in a tense environment can certainly be stressful, especially if the situation is not resolved quickly and it’s not always possible to rely on a manager to nip an unpleasant situation in the bud. There are many reasons why conflict occurs, competition for promotion, company politics and ever-increasing workloads can certainly light the fuse turning a simple state of affairs into an explosive situation. So resolving conflict may become a necessary component to the work-place tool kit.

Sadly, there are some difficult people out there. It doesn’t matter how you try to explain their behaviour away, they may simply enjoy friction, but other reasons exist too; personality clashes, promotion resentments or stress through departmental pressures. Some people are toxic, they may be unhappy in their own lives, they may not like their jobs, they may not be able to cope in their role but their issues should not impact your life. Then there are those who deliberately undermine you at work, your reputation and standing within the company may be impacted, you may feel intimidated and dread going into work each day. It’s a very unpleasant situation if you are caught in the middle of a conflicting situation or, it is aimed at you.

An inexperienced or weak manager can allow pressures to escalate and tempers may become frayed or fraught with anxiety and tension. If you are sensitive or, less than confident, conflict can equate to a thoroughly miserable situation. You may question whether you are at fault, blame yourself for certain aspects and you may try to avoid confrontation at all costs. You may feel quite upset by the tense environment or, bullied but learning to deal with it, to retain control over yourself and the situation is vital. Sometimes, even reluctantly, you will have to take necessary action.

Conflict management therefore is an absolute necessity for all organizations – large and small.

If you are fed up working in an environment that is ready to explode, you need to take positive action. Handling the situation professionally is important especially if you wish to develop strong work relationships going forward. Understanding how others think and perceive situations will give you a starting point when it comes to resolving conflict.

This is where The Enneagram comes in. In self-development terms, it’s a unique map that sets you on a journey of self. When you recognize your own unique strengths and personality traits, it’s easier to feel confident when dealing with others, even if those others are not the most pleasant or reasonable of people. The Enneagram teaches you how to create balance in life, it provides you with a sense of well-being, you know who you are and you feel comfortable in your own skin. When you feel differently about the world, others will sense the change too.

Effective relationships equate to career satisfaction and success, so if you can gain a unique insight into others, it’s possible to take an intuitive approach into the work-place. Conflict management is an essential component in the work-place today but, it is possible to overcome difficult situations once you know how. It may not be a welcome part of your working life, but there’s no shying away from it, if you want success in life, this is just one obstacle to overcome.

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