Real Focus and associated businesses understand the importance of following the Commonwealth Department of Health safety plan and are committed to taking the vital steps necessary to maintain the health and safety of our team and attendees of workplace meetings, training and coaching face to face.

Our priority is to make people feel safe and secure when entering the training environment and manage the spread as securely as possible while growing in skills and knowledge.

All attendees are expected to maintain the social distancing measures while on the premises. It is strongly recommended that all attendees download the CovidSafe App to their phones for the duration of the training event.

Based on the COVID-19 Safety Plan we wish to where possible mitigate the spread of Covid-19, and have implemented a recommended operational procedures.

Physical Distancing – Training

·      Class sizes will be limited according to the Dept of Health guidelines as issued

·      Protocols for social distancing will be observed

·      Face masks should be worn for the duration

·      Where refreshments are available items will be individually wrapped and disposable cups will be for single use only

·      Where possible and practical, training can be delivered in an area that is well ventilated any may include outdoors or in a large indoor space

·      All attendees should download the “CovidSafe App” for the duration of their training

·      Where possible, and in keeping within the social distancing guidelines all who attend must wear face covering with a mask or other form of protection

·      Use telephone or video for meeting rather than face-to-face where possible

Mandatory Criteria for all attendees

You must NOT have been overseas in the past 14 days

You must NOT have a fever, or flu like symptoms

You must NOT feel you have lost your sense of taste or smell

You must NOT been in contact with an actual or suspected COVID-19 case in the past 14 days

You must NOT be awaiting the results of a COVID19 test.

Based on NSW Health COVID-19 Safety Plan – as at 12 September 2020

For Training & Personal Development