NSW Fair Trading COVID-19 Safety Plan – effective 2 July 2020

Real Estate Sales-Auction (including residential sales & rentals) physical inspections

Our priority is to make people feel safe and secure when entering homes and manage the spread as securely as possible for those vendors with properties for sale and prospective buyers. Based on the NSW Fair Trading COVID-19 Safety Plan we wish to where possible mitigate the spread of Covid-19, and have implemented a recommended operational procedures.

Physical Distancing – Real Estate Inspections and Auctions

  • Protocols for social distancing will be observed. Compliance with the safety plan we will ensure capacity will not exceed one visitor per 4 square metres of space.
  • Where a traditional style on-site auction is conducted, it will be conducted where possible outdoors or in a large indoor space.
  • The Property Matrix preferred method of auction is, Openn Negotiation online auction platform. No physical contact. Eliminating risk.
  • All Vendors will complete an “Annexure A – Authority to Conduct the Sale of Land by Openn Negotiation and Seller’s Contract Execution and Exchange Authority (NSW)” form prior to advertising the property for sale by Auction
  • All potential buyers must complete a “Buyers Registration an Authority to Bid and Terms of Use (NSW)” before a bid is accepted. Where special conditions are requested, the Vendor must agree in writing to the requested conditions before the bid is accepted.
  • All Prospective Buyers will need to download the “Openn Negotiation App Terms and Conditions (NSW)” in order to place their bid securely online without physical Contact
  • All viewings, or inspections of property will be held by scheduled appointment only to limit the number of people entering the premises or waiting outside where crowding may occur
  • Where practical, use separate doors for entry and exit.
  • Where possible, and in keeping within the social distancing guidelines all who attend inspections, and all meetings with vendor and or buyers face covering with a mask or other from of protection is preferred.
  • Agents will open doors prior to inspection to minimise the need for prospective buyers entering the home to touch surfaces
  • Prospective buyers will be asked to refrain from touching surfaces
  • Use telephone or video for meeting rather than face-to-face where possible

Hygiene and cleaning

  • Adopt and promote good hand hygiene practices – sanitizer will be available for all to use during inspections
  • Disinfectant solutions will be used on office equipment daily and recommended to vendors pre and post inspections
  • Recommend the removal of printed pamphlets, and instead provide relevant information through email or other online communications

Contact details:  email info@propertymatrix.net.au or call 0418 403 227 for more details

Evelyn Olivares

Based on NSW Fair Trading COVID-19 Safety Plan – effective 2 July 2020
For  Real Estate Sales- Inspections and Auction physical distancing

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