Don’t Look Back

We’ve all experienced moments of regret through our actions or inactions. Perhaps we trusted in someone who let us down or we made unhealthy decisions that led to this point. If you know the emotion of regret, you probably replay the situation over and over in your mind and you may feel trapped by it. Regret is powerful and it holds you captive in the past, your life is less vibrant because of it and future decisions are harder because of past regrets. It’s important to move on, shake off regret and don’t look back for long.

If you want to wriggle free from regrets, you have to acknowledge the past and come to terms with it; you are not alone in living with regrets, it’s impossible to go through life without making wrong decisions or taking the wrong turning. We all face the crossroads of choices many times and the journey through life is littered with potential regrets.

There’s no point going over and over your regrets and feeling the pain of doing so, instead why not use your mistake as a learning curve? It’s the past, you have to put it to one side and bounce back from mistakes. Life is not perfect, and happiness and contentment can occur in spite of this, it is about adapting. Focus your intent on elements that you can change and use positivity to fuel new experiences.

Evaluate what you have right now and then move forward ready to restructure your life. Remove any relationships that are not genuine, strengthen the ones that are. If you are unhappy with elements of your life, discover which elements and consider how you can make changes. Utilise powerful personal development resources such as NLP and the Enneagram and these will invite these positive changes into your life. These resources can help you to overcome the regrets in life that have been encountered and to simply enjoy life. NLP enables you to re-run the mistake similar to viewing a film and to focus on the moment where your life changed. NLP helps you to create a new set of behaviours so that you don’t look back time and time again increasing the destructiveness of regret.

When you live with regrets, you start to self-doubt; you may become introverted, depressed and overwhelmed. The Enneagram helps to strip back the layers of your life so you can redefine your true personality type, giving valuable glimpses into the person you were meant to be. When you know who you are and you feel confident about yourself and have clarity of mind, life is easier and there is less potential for regrets. Accepting the situation as it is will enable you to break free from the past but remember, if you don’t look back initially, you will never come to term with the situation, or grow as a person. Sometimes mistakes enable us to reach our true potential. The secret is to know when to escape from the past and to move forward.

Take some time now to research more on The Enneagram. Or go here for  more insights on the Hero’s Journey. How’s your life’s journey panning out? The Journey. Are you exactly where you want to be in your life right now? Living the life you imagined you would be at this stage of your life?


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