Evelyn Olivares | ESI: The Elixir of Success
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ESI: The Elixir of Success

ESI: The Elixir of Success

Tapping into Your Secret Powers

The words “emotional intelligence” and “social intelligence, are phrases that get thrown around willy-nilly these days; from university entrepreneurship courses to independent blog posts, you can find them everywhere. So, just what does it all mean? And, more importantly, how do they positively impact our personal and professional lives?

Emotional and social intelligence or ESI, are a little bit like secret powers; you have them within you, the trick is learning to use them for the greater good. When you finally master your powers, they immediately set you apart from your colleagues and co-workers, and help you rocket to success.

The Teleos Leadership Institute puts it this way, “IQ and technical skills will only get you so far. In fact, it is the competencies associated with emotional and social intelligence, not IQ, that account for the significant difference in performance between great and average leaders.” http://www.teleosleaders.com/howwedoit/emotional.php

The One-Two Punch

Emotional intelligence is your awareness of, and the way you choose to manage your own feelings. Social intelligence is your awareness of, and the way you work with the feelings of others. EI and SI are most powerful when used together ESI; when you are aware of your own feelings, and of the feelings of others, you have the ability to become a true communicator, leader, colleague, and friend.

Emotional intelligence gives you the power to self-motivate, to lead by example, and to work effectively in a team environment. Psychologist Dr. Daniel Goleman defines Emotional Intelligence as, “The capacity for recognizing our own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves, for managing emotions well in ourselves and in our relationships.” http://www.danielgoleman.info/

Social intelligence helps you to tune into how others are feeling, act upon your empathy for others, and allows you to effectively work in tandem with your colleagues and clients. Using SI, you can intuit the needs of, and empower those around you. Daniel Goleman and his colleague Richard Boyatzis, define social intelligence as “a set of interpersonal competencies… that inspire others to be effective.” http://www.danielgoleman.info/

Using Your Powers for the Greater Good

ESI unlocks worlds of possibility. By tapping into those hidden abilities, you’ll suddenly have the option of using your powers to serve other people to serve you, and to serve the greater good.

Finally, you’ll have a deep self-knowledge, a true rapport with your colleagues, and a stronger, more fulfilling life; both at home and in the workplace.