Evelyn Olivares | Fed up feeling Stressed? Take Control of your Life Today
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Fed up feeling Stressed? Take Control of your Life Today

Fed up feeling Stressed? Take Control of your Life Today

We all have times when feeling stressed starts to seem normal. It’s that time when a multitude of stressors all come together; creating a fusion of intense pressure and it’s unbelievably hard to emerge unscathed. We live in a manic world that fosters stress; many people work ridiculously long hours or juggle ever-increasing work-loads just to cling onto a job they dislike. We work with uncooperative colleagues, dictating bosses or endure unsupportive relationships and when you consider these factors, it is no wonder we end up feeling stressed.

If you want to climb out of the quagmire of stress and anxiety to improve your sense of well-being, it’s important to start taking control of your life. Everyone handles stress differently; some people manage it effectively, while others struggle to cope. Learning to identify your stress triggers will help. Stress is bad for you; prolonged stress doesn’t just make you feel unwell, it can actually kill.

When you start to feel stressed, your body secretes natural hormones known as adrenaline and cortisone, this response naturally occurs when your life is in danger, it’s the fight or flight response, but we do not usually face life threatening situations. If the situation does not improve, the stress response continues, leading to high blood pressure or even organ failure, it should not be ignored.

Many people shy away from their emotions especially if in a work-environment and while keeping a lid on the pressure cooker of emotions may provide a solution in the short-term, once in the safety of your home, it’s important to be able to let any tension go. Stress does the most damage when it is contained.

There are a number of things that can be done to alleviate stress and anxiety. Identifying the areas that causes stress for you personally is a starting point. Try to reduce some of the triggers, this may require a juggling of the work-load, changing your schedule or giving up something that wastes time. But as you reduce the negative aspects of life, instead, focus on increasing the things you enjoy. In addition, self-improvement resources such as the Enneagram can help you onto a journey of discovery where you learn all about your individual personality type, making it easier to identify why you think, feel or act in specific ways, this is crucial for stress management and for changing your life.

Music therapy is another beneficial resource and it can heal or relax improving any personality issues or even lifting bouts of depression. Going for long walks in beautiful scenery will instantly enhance mental well-being and meditation too will help to keep stress at bay. A daily session of meditation will enable you to relax your body and keep the mind perfectly still, helping to protect you from the bombardment of stressors, promoting inner healing.

When we are feeling stressed, it often impairs the quality of sleep experienced, without it, life becomes more difficult as you have less focus and an impaired clarity of mind. If you have problems falling asleep, add a few drops of pure lavender essential oil to your pillow or, in a diffuser and you will feel instantly relaxed.

If you are fed up feeling stressed every single day then it’s time to make positive changes starting right now. Just the act of analysing stressors will improve how you feel, because action is a powerful solution. If you incorporate some of the suggestions here, you will begin to take control of your life rather than stress controlling you.

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