Inner Fitness at Fernwood North Rocks

Say Yes, to Inner Fitness.

Personal growth using proven strategies and concepts to facilitate healing  and empowerment to transcend limiting beliefs.

We’re committed to harnessing the power of life coaching to improve the mind-set while rebuilding the physical body with exercise programs that include reformer pilates and chiball. It’s a new experience, a journey of rejuvenation of the mind and body reflecting harmony, balance and wellbeing, both within and without.

Whether you’re looking for a workout post natal, or recovering from an injury, or you prefer a workout with a gentler approach then this is it.

Seek with enthusiasm, the adventure.

Chi Pilates

Out of the shadows of light came Chi Pilates into my life and as silent as silk I fell under the spell of it’s energy and rhythm.

It’s like an act of magic, except it’s real. Your body’s muscles have memory and that memory can be of trauma, trapped within for years before being released. For some, they never enter that field of dreams or allow themselves the joy of finding a revived youthfulness as you age. Our bodies hold secrets to everything we need to know. Your body houses the most spectacular and beautiful memories, challenges, lessons and freedom from confusion, resentment and judgment.

That energy and rhythm is mirrored in nature. Take this opportunity to find your own rhythm in your Chi Pilates experience.


Bringing Mindfulness to life – a journey that starts with the rejuvenation of the body and emotions, and continues with a way of life that reflects harmony, balance and wellbeing, both within and without.

ChiBall Remedial exercises focus on Traditional Chinese Medicine and the healing art; Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga & Pilates.

ChiBall – Yin Yang

Designed to reflect the energy of natures seasons and using this fusion of styles is an exploration  of mindful movement. Combined with the elements of colour and  aromatherapy this ChiBall class will take you on a journey which results in a return to harmony, balance and wellbeing.

Chiball – Dance of the Dragon

The Dance of The Dragon is an ancient Taoist practice (the healing art of Qi Gong) used for weight loss. It energetically re-balances, regulates and detoxifies the internal systems and with consistent practice, aids weight loss while practising good eating habits.

  • Dance with the rhythm of nature.
  • Dance to achieve ecstasy in the rhythm of health, balance and wellness.
  • Tap into the divine mystery that is you!

Enjoy life at full volume for beyond the next bend is where you’ll find the heart of the earth and dive into extraordinary learning experiences smashing through the rocks and boulders in your path and crossing bridges generating a flow of energy

ChiBall Gentle Moves

Designed to help those recovering from injury, have limited range of movement or mobility, and for older adults. Featuring modified exercises taken from the ChiBall method and adapted for those in need of more gentle moves. Including movements from Tai Chi-Qi Gong, ChiBall Dance, Yoga, Pilates, ChiBall release and Deep relaxation.

The aim of Gentle Moves exercises is to improve general health, reduce stress, strengthen joints, build up the immune system, increase coordination and flexibility and help maintain a youthful vitality throughout life. The non strenuous low impact exercises are demonstrated from both sitting and standing positions so you can choose the best position that best suits your needs

Chiball Method Remedial Pilates

These exercises are of a remedial nature and are designed to help clients recovering from injury such as scapula issues, lower back pain, and pelvic instabilities where core muscle weakness, lumber spine discomfort and scapula misalignment has become  a distributing factor

When the body experiences pain the stabilisers in the area become subject to pain inhibition and do not necessarily  recover spontaneously when the pain subsides. The purpose of remedial pilates is to trigger the reactivation of these muscles in order to regain and improve stability, mobility and strength.

Spinal Motor Control  

Here we work on the correct use of  the core muscles as a foundation for using the spine more efficiently. The particular muscles we work on include:

  • pelvic floor
  • transverse abdominus
  • deep lumber multifidus
  • diaphragm

Pelvic Motor Control  

Here we work on hoe to use the stabilizer muscles of the pelvic girdle to facilitate greater quality of movement. The particular muscles we work on include:

  • core muscles
  • gluteal muscles
  • other muscles of the hip joints

Scapula Motor Control  

Here we focus how to use the stabiliser muscles of the upper quadrant to facilitate greater quality of movement rather than strength or power. The particular muscles we work on include:

  • rotator cuff group
  • scapula
  • movement and control of the cervical thoracic spine