Evelyn Olivares | Finding Your Groove
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Finding Your Groove

Finding Your Groove

When Leadership Feels Natural…

“You can always tell when the groove is working on not.” – Prince

Ever step into your role as a leader feeling apprehensive? Unsure? Hesitant? Ever start a meeting and realize your enthusiasm feels – even to you – a little forced? Ever begin a day at the office feeling scattered and distracted?

You’re not alone. As a leader, the process of finding your groove is a constant journey of discovery and rediscovery. Some days feel more satisfying than others; some moments you’ll feel like you’ve finally got your rhythm, while others you’ll feel like you’re dancing with two left feet. And guess what? That’s okay.

While you’re working to find your sweet spot, here are some awesome opportunities to dig in, and learn more about Emotional Intelligence and the Enneagram. After all, these are incredible skills that will help you ride the wave, and discover your personal best as a leader.

Upcoming Opportunities

To Seize the Moment…

There are some great upcoming opportunities to hone in on your groove. I’ll be speaking about EI and Leadership at the Leadership Evolves event coming up – hope to see you there.

If you missed this past Leadership Evolves, or your simply hungry for more exciting leadership material to chew on, these events are a perfect opportunity to grow and explore – even better, there are a huge lineup of inspiring speakers at each gathering, and some incredible resources to help you continue to develop your leadership chops.

Remember, each of us leaders are constantly searching for that magic moment when everything feels aligned; when we’re so tuned in to ourselves and our team members that the leadership process truly unfolds like magic.

EI and the Enneagram can help you hit your stride more quickly and more easily – here’s to you, to unlocking your potential, living in the moment, and discovering your personal best!