Evelyn Olivares | Five Styles of Negotiating
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Five Styles of Negotiating

Five Styles of Negotiating

Can You Master the Quintet?

“I’ve grown up a little bit. I understand the importance of the negotiation. It is a collective act.” – Thom Mayne, architect

In any team setting, expert negotiation skills are key. Negotiation will come in handy in all kinds of circumstances; from team meetings to sales calls, one-on-one coaching sessions to casual group discussions.

As a leader, great negotiation skills will become your dear friend; helping you achieve middle ground, win debates, collaborate on projects, or know when it’s best to choose diplomacy over conflict.

In order to really understand what negotiation means – let’s look at the five distinct styles of negotiation. Mastering these five styles – choosing when to use each style, and knowing your own negotiation styles and strengths – will help you leverage success in your leadership setting.

The Fantastic Five:

  • Competing: Assertive and uncooperative, this power-focused style uses whatever you have at your disposal to win your position.
  • Accommodating: Unassertive and cooperative, this style means neglecting your concerns to satisfy those of others.
  • Avoiding: Unassertive and uncooperative; this style means neither pursuing your own concerns, or those of others, and either sidestepping, postponing, or withdrawing from the situation.
  • Collaborating: Assertive and cooperative; this style involves attempting to work with others to find a satisfactory solution.
  • Compromising: Moderate in both assertiveness and cooperation; this style finds an expedient, mutually acceptable solution that partially satisfied both parties.

At Leadership Evolves, we’ll practice these five styles of negotiating, and you’ll discover which comes most naturally to you. It’s normal to keep a couple of these styles at the top of your bag of tricks; however, being able to use every one of these will revolutionize your leadership success.

By mastering all five negotiation styles, you’ll quickly adapt to, facilitate, and effectively navigate every kind of leadership situation. That means greater communication throughout your team, and more amazing outcomes at every turn.