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A home is a treasure trove filled with memories

It's where dreams are crafted, love abides and friendship is a guest.
Your feet may leave... but your heart resides

2/91 Mort Street BALMAIN – SOLD  $500,000

Almost seems too good to be true. Walking along the foreshore, through Mort Bay Park hearing the wind among the trees playing celestial symphonies.

Living in Balmain makes so much sense. Just being there takes you back to it’s historic past, where in a heartbeat you find yourself in a village atmosphere with cafés, restaurants and the pub scene pulsing vibrant energy of life.

4 Sale by AUCTION - Openn Negotiation Online

Auction-Land – Thu 20 August 2020 at 6:00pm
31 Tulipwood Ave Goonellabah

Online Auctioneer
Evelyn Olivares