Evelyn Olivares | GROW
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“The only journey is the journey within.” – Rilke

In the old days, work and personal growth were two separate things. At work, you did you job, and if you wanted to develop yourself and learn to thrive as a person – you kept that for later.

Today, companies around the world have begun to discover that by giving people the power to grow and thrive at work, companies grow and thrive as a result. “…a company can’t meet ever-greater business aspirations unless its people are constantly growing through doing their work,” say Robert Kegan, Lisa Lahey, Andy Fleming, and Matthew Miller in their article Making Business Personal. found here

As a leader, you get the opportunity to create an environment in which your team can not only achieve their personal best – but continue developing so that “personal best” is a constantly evolving and expanding state.

To achieve this, at Leadership Evolves, you’ll discover the GROW model; an effective framework for fluid goal setting and personal development:

Goal: What do you want?

Reality: Where are you now?

Options: What could you do?

Will: What will you do?

This model gives you and your team members a jumping-off point for creating personalized goals, reflecting on progress, evaluating performance, and continuous striving. While there are all kinds of ways to use the GROW model, there’s much to be gained through one-on-one coaching sessions with your team members.

Coaching sessions are a powerful way to build trust with the individuals on your team. Design a structure for each session that works for you and your style. Leadership Evolves suggests this model:

The Agenda

Review goals and strategies, discuss and reflect on progress, offer helpful advice, and of course, listen, listen, listen!

The Process

Address any problems, struggles, or challenges your team member is experiencing; ask thoughtful questions, provide honest feedback, and always encourage accountability.

The Timing

Try bi-monthly, 1-hour sessions, and experiment with 15-minute sessions on alternate weeks. Soon, you’ll discover a pattern that works for you and your team.

The GROW model is a tool to jump-start your team members’ personal development, and to give each individual the motivation and empowerment to achieve more and greater things each day.

Robert Kegan, Lisa Lahey, Andy Fleming, and Matthew Miller go on to ask, “What if we saw work as an essential context for personal growth? And what if employees’ continuous development were assumed to be the critical ingredient for a company’s success?” found here

By encouraging personal growth, and using the GROW method to structure accountable achievement, you’ll discover your team is more motivated, inspired, and you’ll see those effects transform your organisation.