Evelyn Olivares | Inner Fitness – Pilates
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Inner Fitness – Pilates


Pilates MAT classes

Pilates Private Posture Assessment

Pilates Reformer 1-to-1

Pilates Reformer duet


Life Coaching up to 2 hours F2F


If you’re feeling the years…

It’s probably time you started taking care of you!


Pilates – Corrective exercise regimes designed to improve mobility, reduce knee, back and neck pain, strengthen the core and shoulder girdle. Enjoy being more flexible and mobile, and improve your overall postural awareness.


Norwest Business Park – The Hills CBD 

for Pilates on the mat, including , Theraband, and ChiBall with focus on Traditional Chinese Medicine and the healing art; Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga & Pilates.


Pilates Reformer COMING SOON

Pilates private training will be available from April-May 2019 . Private (one-on-one) Pilates-Reformer programs designed to meet your individual needs – correcting posture, strengthening and improving stability and mobility. Everything you want and nothing you’d expect.


Chiball Pilates – COMING SOON to Norwest

Bringing Mindfulness to life – ChiBall is an experience: a journey that starts with the rejuvenation of the body and emotions, and continues with a way of life that reflects harmony, balance and wellbeing, both within and without.

Watch this space!



Club members enjoy our Insights program offering  inspiration, motivation on various platforms including  face-to-face, social media and our virtual campus.

Inner Fitness – FETCH Program

Fitness Equals Targeted Coaching Holistically


The concept of fitness at a whole new level.


Instead of training either your body or mind, instead of separating home and work, FETCH provides training that will coach the entire person to excel and reach their potential in ALL areas of their life whilst maintaining the ultimate work life balance that we all yearn for.

Why Weight?

Getting The Most From This Program


The aim of this program is to inspire you to change the way you are thinking about your body and to shake up your thinking around what you believe you can achieve.


Replacing the negative thoughts and limiting beliefs with new, motivating positive ones that support you in achieving your goal weight and body shape


To Your Success!


Coach Training Academy courses are Internationally recognised by

IICT Platinum Training Provider

Association for Coaching – Accredited OMAC Coaching & Training Organisation

Aust Institute of Training & Development – Professional Member