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Inside Out

Inside Out

The Hidden Power of Self-Knowledge

“Be bold, be brave enough to be your true self.” – Queen Latifah

It’s easy to look around your work environment and find a hundred things to complain about; from your co-worker’s disorganized desk to the outcome of your last planning meeting. It’s true of all of us of course – if we look for them, there’s always a never-ending list of things that can be improved.

Real change in the workplace, however, doesn’t begin by looking around the office and finding things to stress about. It begins by turning inward; by starting with yourself, and developing your skills as a compassionate leader, creative thinker, and inspiring individual.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) helps you gain a true sense of awareness that elevates your relationship to the world around you. And – as you probably expected – it starts with your understanding of self.

Age-Old Concept. New-Age Possibilities.

“When it comes to discovering what makes people tick, a good way to start is with helping them understand themselves.”, says Rich Thompson in his Harvard Business Review Article, “the concept of self-awareness is a millennia-old area of study – the aphorism “know thyself” dates back to at least Socrates.” https://hbr.org/2014/01/for-a-more-flexible-workforce-hire-self-aware-people

By using NLP to develop your sense of personal awareness, you’ll gain mastery of your emotions, expertise in social situations, be better able to motivate those around you, and become a truly effective coach, mentor, and leader.

The renowned Tad James Co. describes NLP as the ability, “…to transform the way your mind influences your success, happiness, and performance every day of your life.” http://www.nlpcoaching.com/nlp-simplified/

And that’s what NLP is really about; starting with self, and then working from the inside out to to launch your personal and professional experience to the next level.