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* EO Leadership Evolves Campaign *

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NSW Fair Trading – Legislation links


Registered Training Organisation
NSWFT RTO Update Aug 2019


NSWFT Consultation page for Industry reforms

NSWFT FAQ’s on Industry Reforms


Evelyn’s links on Industry Reforms Changes

PowerPoint Presentation Industry Reforms CPD

what does it mean?


Certificate; full License; & Licensee-in-charge:-

  • Certificate of Registrationentry level; training will increase from 4 units to 7 units. This means the entry level to real estate will take longer to study, will cost more and the assessments will be more challenging.


  • All certificate holders will need to upgrade to a full license within 4 years if they want to continue to work in the industry.


  • Certificate holders will NO longer be able to legally bind sales or property management agreements or undertake trust transactions


  • To obtain a full license, certificate holders must have at least 12 months practical experience working in the industry and provide proof of their experience


  • The role of the Licensee-in-charge will be more defined, they will have more responsibility in supervising their agency staff. Details expected early 2020.

what does it mean?



Licensee-in-charge is a new category;   to be eligible for this category new agents must upgrade from Cert IV in Property Services (Real Estate) to either


1.Diploma of Property Services (Agency Management)


  • Hold a Cert IV in Property Services (Real Estate)



2.Upgrade to a Diploma equivalent in business management
e.g. Diploma of Leadership & Management



  • Have at least 2 years practical experience working in a licensed practice under supervision focusing on both sales and property management
  • Licensee in-charge can supervise multiple offices with technology

what does it mean?


Recognition – Real estate full license to Licensee-in-charge :

  • NSW Fair Trading are expecting to offer a 12 month transition period for the new licensing process (Grandfather clause). The new industry reforms are predicted to be released in 2020


  • People that hold a full license at the time the reforms are implemented
    UPON APPLICATION to NSW Fair Trading may be automatically granted the new Licensee-in-charge license category at that time, or any time in the future when they make application.


  • What that means is if you ever intend to work commission-only, or open your own agency, you WILL require the licensee-in-charge status for that purpose


  • Those who do not hold a license prior to implementation of new reforms & legislation WILL require higher education training (Diploma Management level) and provide evidence of 2 years practical experience in the industry

Real Estate specific offered by  Real Focus


  • BSB51918 Diploma of Leadership & Management
    Licensee-in-Charge and Licensed Agents


  • CPP41419 Cert IV in Real Estate Practice
    new entry
    Certificate (Assistant Agent – Class 3)


  • CPD elective training
    a choice in units from any of the above qualifications

Leadership Courses offered by
Real Focus Pty Ltd (Evelyn Olivares)


Coach Training Academy (owned by Real Focus)

NLP based training

  • Coach The Coach (Leadership Coaches)


Leadership Evolves 

CPD PATHWAY to Qualification  BSB51918
Diploma of Leadership and Management

Qualification  BSB51918 – Diploma ofL&M


Combined units
BSBMGT502 Manage People Performance (GrA1)


BSBWOR501 – Manage personal work priorities and professional development (GrA2)


Learner Guide BSBMGT502 Manage PPL Perform

Qualification  BSB61015 Adv’ Diploma of L&M 


Assessment Tools BSBMGT605 (Adv Diploma)

Provide Leadership across the organisation


Learner Guide BSBMGT605 Provide Leadership

Qualification BSB51918 – Diploma of L&M

BSBLDR511 Develop and use Emotional Intelligence (C2)

Learner Guide Emotional Intelligence

Qualification BSB51918 – Diploma of L&M

Combined units

BSBLDR502 Lead and manage effective workplace relationships (C1)


BSBWOR502 Lead and manage team effectiveness (C3)


Learner Guide Lead & Manage Team Effectiveness & effective workplace relationships

Qualification BSB51918 Diploma L&M

BSBLDR513 Communicate with Influence (GrA4)


Learner Guide BSBLDR503 Communicate with Influence Negotiate & Communicate

Qualification  BSB51918 – Diploma of L&M

Combined units

BSBSLS502 Lead & Manage a Sales Team (GrB1) &

BSBCUS501 Manage Quality Customer Outcomes (GrA3)


Excellence Assured Sales Strategies

Learner Guide Excellence Assured Sales Strategies

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