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Executive Coaching

The Journey – Archetypes of The Enneagram

We are born free with a heart filled with love, an insatiably curious mind and arms wide open – we enter the world filled with trust, confidence and shine bright with vibrant energy.


Over time, life dishes up many challenges and in the face of adversity we can find ourselves feeling stuck in inertia, exhausted by overdoing, or strained with trying to control everything leaving us feeling out of balance and depleted of all positive energy.

Archetypes of The Enneagram will help you identify the patterns of imbalance enabling you to move forward with confidence and clarity of vision. Come to it with an insatiable curiosity, and just maybe the missing pieces to the puzzle of life that seemed so illusive, you actually find it was right here in front of you all the time, you just didn’t see it, and now you can.


Seek the adventure with enthusiasm, come to it with a willingness to learn, open you heart and mind, gain the knowledge and enjoy the experience of life at a whole new level.

My being in this adventure, is making history in it’s finest form
as I’m invited to play my part in creating the most outstanding sculptures
of those I touch and those I am yet to meet.

Coaching, Archetypes, The Hero’s Journey

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