OPENN Training - Mentoring

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn

Benjamin Franklin

It’s important you prepare and have a great attitude from the very start
It’s the difference between you  winning or losing the listing

Winning an Appraisal

  • Thank them for the opportunity
  • Are they wanting an appraisal to stay current with market prices or do they want to sell?
  • If selling, where are they going? (upgrade-downgrade-closer to family- lifestyle – what else?
  • tell me about your home?
  • why did you but it?
  • what do you want from a real estate agent?

OPENN Homes – The Process

  • Download the OPENN app to your mobile device/s
  • be sure property has been uploaded onto portals correctly
  • have marketing materials available for handing to buyers
  • prepare for any likely questions on price – how to etc

Must Have’s

  • buyer registration / authority to bid forms
  • terms & conditions of App form
  • how to bid brochures

Buyer Enquiry

  • create urgency in placing their opening price
  • get them to complete the buyer registration form
  • remind them the property could sell at any time – as soon as tomorrow
  • it’s not always easy knowing what price to bid
  • I would hate to give you a price only to find it sold to someone else for a lot less than you anticipated
  • inspect as soon as possible
  • place your opening bid using the app
  • how would you feel if it sold for less than you think
  • when can you come through for asn inspection

Final Bidding Stage

  • getting buyers initial price is crucial
  • call all bidders the day of FBS and tell them you will be in touch again a few minutes before the FBS starts
  • test the process – get bidders to make a test bid so they can experience it as it will be during the FBS
  • call all observers – they should register before FBS begins
  • once all bidders are ready, you may find bidding heats up really quickly
  • you may also find, that some bidders drop off quite quickly so call them to ensure they are out
  • once bidders start dropping off its a great eye-opener for vendors – especially those that are overpriced.
  • There is no cure for overpricing properties… just realisation of the right market price
  • when on pause to get vendor to move on reserve, make sure agents are on the phone to bidders – communicate – tell them you are speaking to the vendo about dropping the price to where market is
  • if you have a buyer that may need extra time to get additional finance and are thinking about pulling out – tell them… you might be able to buy it with the money you have  – place your bid and see where it goes