Evelyn Olivares | Personal Development Coach Provides Career Change Opportunities
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Personal Development Coach Provides Career Change Opportunities

Personal Development Coach Provides Career Change Opportunities

Evelyn Olivares, Archetype Coaching Introduces Archetypes of the Enneagram Coaching Certification

PRESS RELEASE: NEW SOUTH WALES, Australia – September 1, 2017 – Evelyn Olivares adds a new dimension to her successful personal development business. The Archetypes of the Enneagram Coaching Program – ‘Dance of The Dragon’ – incorporates NLP and The Hero’s Journey now offers professional accreditation for those who wish to take their first steps towards a fulfilling new career. The coaching program is available to anyone with a counselling or coaching background or, for those who seek a career change.

Olivares has developed a strong framework of development teaching the unique elements of the nine personality types as a basic foundation but also advising how personality types can influence coaching styles. The sessions explore underlying themes which may present themselves affording a positive response to an individual’s needs which include discovering and amplifying positive traits, identifying areas of imbalance, stress reduction, increasing focus, confidence building and re-defining a sense of purpose. Simply, the nine personality types form habitual patterns and one pattern will form the dominant coping strategy.

Olivares says; “I have always provided professional coaching to others and now, I’m excited to be able to offer this professional qualification for those seeking a fulfilling business opportunity or career change.”

The coaching program open the doors to the art and architecture of ‘Archetypes of The Enneagram’ and these enable all to discover their unique Hero’s Journey and deepest Mythical identity. Everyone is born with a dominant personality type which impacts life, actions and perceptions and each type has unique assets and limitations. Experiences in life can falsify perceptions, add self-imposed restrictions and limit success so this is a powerful program that promotes authenticity and the knowledge of self so that all can establish their true purpose.

Accredited coaching takes place via virtual campus, in workshop settings or on a one to one basis in Australia so anyone with an interest in a genuine career opportunity and who wishes to learn about the Enneagram and how Archetypes influence our lives can register. There is also a self-study program or in-person option for those who wish to learn more about The Enneagram for personal use.

Evelyn Olivares is also a qualified Workplace Trainer and Assessor, Life Coach and Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Trainer. She provides coaching, seminars and workshop training sessions throughout Australia and in Paris, France.

For further interview or information:
Contact: Evelyn Olivares
E-mail: evelyn@realfocus.com.au
Website: http://realfocus.com.au/