Power eBook Collection

$15 For 4 amazing eBooks

1. True Tales of the Enneagram – by Evelyn Olivares – Stories of Personal Change and Success. Dance of The Dragon.

2. 7 Steps to become a Leader in Your Field  – A shared vision that democratises the right of every Australian to achieve success and aspire to being the leader in their field and industry of choice. It’s time to reignite that passion and that fire inside and make it happen!

3. The Power Inside You – Stress can cause your mind to create a lot of negative energy and this is something that is becoming increasingly visible in today’s society. Most of what your life is about can be transformed by you and you alone, and throughout this small book I hope to help you achieve just what you want to achieve, by taming or, perhaps its unleashing… the power inside you!

4. Small Business Owners Social Media Survival Kit – Social Media has bridged a huge gap in cyberspace across all generations. This guide is designed for those in the service industry & small business, it shows how you can connect with more potential clients so much easier.