Sell Your Own Home at Auction

Yes. You can hold an Auction as a Private Seller!

Go Global. Join the new movement in selling your Property
online with OPENN Negotiation!


It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Choose to promote and market your own property as a private sale
  2. Choose OPENN Negotiation as the vehicle to auction your property globally
  3. Choose Property Matrix to gain access to an accredited Auctioneer who will guide you every step of the way and conduct the auction on your behalf with the most transparent, tried and proven online property auction system available – OPENN Negotiation!

When choosing Real Focus-Property Matrix you’ll gain access to one-on-one personal coaching with Evelyn Olivares  LREA and Auctioneer license #1113372  –  OPENN Negotiation Certified Agent & Auctioneer keeping you compliant with Australian Government legislation.

Visualise being ‘live online‘ at your auction while enjoying a holiday on the beautiful Amalfi Coast Italy. Selling While Abroad.  How would it be if a prospective buyer is scheduled to be on a business trip in the Asia Pacific region and wants to bid – It’s absolutely doable!

Imagine what will it mean to you,  having access to a licensed real estate agent and accredited Auctioneer that offers you the convenience of negotiating with buyers using the latest innovation in real estate auction sales that is transparent for both Vendors and Buyers.

As your OPENN agent-auctioneer, Evelyn will work together with you to qualify buyers from the outset and negotiate giving you the advantage of knowing exactly how many real competing buyers you have bidding on your property. It’s the only process you can really trust because as a buyer or seller of property, you’re in complete control.

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DIY Marketing + Auctioneer

DIY Marketing + engage Auctioneer


List & Sell with Agent

Engage Agent – Market and Sell via OPENN Auction


OPENN enables you to see eligible buyers and their current bids in a global market


buyers can feel secure their terms and conditions are approved from the start


bidders enter transparent negotiations and can choose to withdraw or increase their price until sold


SAVE $000's on commission.

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