Is your life fraught with difficulties?

Do you experience setback after setback?

If you sometimes dread getting out of bed and having to face the day, you need to realise that you may be the one causing some of the dramas in your life – albeit subconsciously.

Seriously – negative self-talk is the continuous stream of dialogue that you have with yourself and unbeknown to you, your inner conversation may be negative and damaging. If you think you are alone in this, stop- don’t feel bad, everyone does it, but by becoming aware of this inner dialogue and controlling it, you have the power to make important positive changes to your life.

Your brain creates an illusion of fear and this is because every difficulty encountered, every single little obstacle that has stopped you in your tracks previously and every emotional or physical hurt is stored and remembered.

So it’s easy to see that your brain is acting from a position of fear. It tries to protect you and to wrap you in proverbial cotton wool but its actions can actually be damaging.

Have you noticed that life can cruise along nicely for a period of time and then a sense of stark realisation kicks in ….it’s going too well. The moment your brain comprehends and analyses this thought, panic occurs.

You’ll feel that unnerving feeling of apprehension and will be waiting for the next problem to come along. You’ll make decisions based on fear; you’ll act in a fearful way instead of viewing any situation with a sense of clarity. Negative self-talk doesn’t just state its case, it repeats it, and so you’ll have an unending stream of negative dialogue whispering away inside your brain.

Negative self-talk doesn’t just predict doom and gloom, it breeds dissatisfaction, it makes you doubt yourself and it sounds real. Your negative thoughts might say you are not competent enough, not pretty enough, not slim enough, not loveable enough or that there is something wrong with you. Left unchecked, this negative dialogue can get much, much worse. If you have found your confidence levels diminishing and you have started second-guessing every action – guess what is responsible.

So now you know that negative self-talk exists and it’s damaging, it’s time to make changes and to adopt a positive mental attitude. It may not be easy to shut down those damaging dialogue sessions but you can do it.

A positive mental attitude will very quickly make you feel better and enable you to step forward into your life with positivity. But, if you have experienced negative dialogue for a long period of time, you may need help to change your perception of life, to change how you view yourself and how to re-identify with that lovely person buried deep inside.

There’s lots of ways to start feeling better. Firstly, keep an eye out for negative internal chatter. It will happen and you need to control it. Exercise more frequently so that it boosts endorphins and will make you feel healthier and your mood will improve.

Try meditation and learn how to relax your mind and body at will and then, indulge in regular healing meditations where you mentally ‘see’ your body and mind being bathed in a healing blue light, this is powerful and effective. This can help you to shut out those damaging thoughts and to focus on the benefits of pure relaxation.

Then there’s the Enneagram, a powerful resource that helps you to redefine who you are. It provides you with a unique way of discovering your strengths, your personality type and your true potential. The enneagram can help you to banish negative self-talk because you will feel more confident and less inclined to listen, a positive mental attitude will start to become the norm.

It’s important to start controlling this stream of damaging babble that whispers incessantly in your ear as it does nothing to improve your life. Once silenced, you will find that you start to feel amazing in a very short period of time.


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