We all like to make excuses when life goes wrong.

It’s easier to blame others instead of ourselves if we make mistakes and really, we should hold our hands up and admit that sometimes we take the easy way out. We shift blame and responsibility so that we don’t have to feel bad about any decision but there’s no point berating yourself if you’ve made an error or two, it is part of the human condition after all. Instead, take ownership of your life and take responsibility for your actions; you will start to view your life from a position of strength.  

Even if life goes a bit wrong, determine to grow from it. It’s amazing the lessons that can be learned through facing hardship and in the process; it will enable you to progress in life in a much more determined way. In fact, sometimes it’s only through making mistakes and then finally owning up to the responsibility that we can really embrace all of the successes to come.

Take responsibility for your life starting now….

No-one can live your life for you and let’s be honest, you wouldn’t want them to so hold your chin up resolutely and square your shoulders back, choose to meet life head on and power through those obstacles using it as a learning curve. Every time you hear the niggling voice of self-doubt in your mind, banish it, there’s no time for negativity or self-doubts in your life. It’s so easy to replay the blaming others track; it’s a nice tune after all.

If you are dissatisfied with your life, there may be areas of personal growth that appeals, why stay stuck in a rut when there’s a whole world of opportunities out there? It may take a little courage to take the first step but why not set the ball of personal development rolling and check out your options.

Personal growth can be indicative of every aspect of your life – from improving self-confidence and esteem, to career skills or to personal communication abilities. Take some time to analyse the way forward for you personally – discover your most pressing needs and utilise the available resources. There are plenty of books and courses for learning and development requirements and self-study programs such as: The Enneagram if you wish to find out more about yourself -go back to basics and rediscover the real you and then work on enhancing the most positive attributes. In fact, The Enneagram can be a good place to start as it unlocks the mysteries of personality types.

Personal development programs will work well if you open your mind to them. It can enrich your life allowing you to mentally wipe the slate clean and start again. Imagine the blank canvas of your life but with a way to empower yourself through the experience of past mistakes. Personal growth can be yours once you start to take responsibility for your life, it needn’t be difficult, it’s simply about making up your mind to live life to the full and yet in an honest way. Start today and make important strides towards a more successful and enriched you.


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