Do you feel as if your life is spiralling out of control? Are you holding on for dear life? If so, you need to take time out to relax, refresh and recharge your life. Floundering through each day in a haphazard way may seem like the only way to cope, but it isn’t. We all need some down time, a way of diffusing stress and recharging the batteries. It’s important for your overall health and to add balance to another wise busy lifestyle

Sleep is essential and your body needs it to be able to heal.  Sleep is restorative, it also aids concentration and focus and it affects motor skills too. If you struggle to fall asleep at night and wake up tired and listless, no wonder even the simplest tasks appear difficult. Developing a good sleep pattern is important.

If work is too demanding or, you are expected to cope with an increased workload and longer hours without extra pay, then you need to rethink your current role. A career is important but life is too short to waste. If you work longer and gain less recognition, you will be impacting quality family and social time. Is your family suffering in your absence? Do you miss your friends? Are you all work and no play? Take time out and think. Is this what you really want?

Is your life filled with mundane rituals? When you go to work, do you take the same direction, go at the same time and take the same breaks? Routines may offer structure and security but it can also keep you well and truly stuck in a rut. Break free from routine, be a little rebellious, have a little fun.

If you are just trying to cope on a daily basis, don’t you want to take back control and manage your life without it managing you? If you feel trapped by your life and unsupported in your efforts, keep a note of all that you do each day, write down each stressor and list the things you would like to do…. Just for you. Start small; you might be surprised by how easy it is to alleviate some of the pressures from your life. Review each day’s notes at the end of the week and consider how much you managed to do to enrich your life or, if all completed tasks were just coping strategies. It’s all too easy to burn out and untamed stressors will leave you de-motivated, stressed and unfulfilled.

So how do you change? What if you don’t know what you want?

When fatigue, overwork and too many responsibilities serve to overwhelm, it’s not surprising that clarity and focus dissipate too. Life is too hard to think about making positive changes but, it’s not impossible. Perhaps you hate your job, or simply find it unfulfilling or too pressured now. What else could you do instead? Are you worried that you won’t find another job or that you are not capable of achieving a rewarding career? A lack of confidence can keep you shackled to a job or even a relationship you no longer like.

No man is an island. We all need a little help. Perhaps seeking out the services of a life coach would open your mind to opportunities and provide support. Perhaps evaluating how you manage your life with NLP techniques would benefit or, maybe you need to define who you are in life and why you act in a certain way. Perhaps you need to identify your values, learn to feel good about yourself, relax and open up your focus. If so, The Enneagram could be high on your list, helping you to find balance in all that you do and aiding confidence and positivity.

There are resources available which can be surprisingly beneficial and powerful and they will help you to take time out and to evaluate what you want in life and to do so in a way that suits your personality type. Now is the time to make positive changes.


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