Evelyn Olivares | E3 Camran – Achievement
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E3 Camran – Achievement

E3 Camran – Achievement

Tales of the Kingdom of Camran

Peter the Politician, the hero of our tale, whose impressive achievements and will for success bring the villagers to new heights, on days just like today…

Peter was a life-long politician. He simply loved being in leadership… and being seen as a leader. He joined every committee and advisory board the village had, and usually became its president.

This village would probably fall apart without me, Peter mused. He liked it that way.

This is why Peter was always excited for the Day of Improvement. In the Springtime of each new year, the villagers of Camran would gather to be given a specific role in cleaning up, updating, or otherwise improving the Kingdom. Peter loved this day because he was always given a very important project to work on—a project that would be recognized at the end of the day as the most valuable task that was completed… making Peter the most valuable task master. He loved making sure Camran stayed a reputable and respected Kingdom, but he especially liked the way the villagers recognized him as its most valuable and indispensable member.

The villagers gathered around Bartley, the Baron, as he delegated jobs for the day.

“Hannah, you will be in charge of re-stocking our medical supplies, especially cloth bandages. I have heard we are running low. Meryl, we would love some wildflower arrangements in the city square. I know we can count on you. Siobhan, please gather some information on how we are currently distributing our rainwater supply. We want to use it as efficiently as possible in this next season. Gerald and William, I would like you to work together with Isaac to invent and implement a new mechanism to raise and lower the Kingdom’s gate. The current method continues to be wrought with rust. And… Philo. Please venture in the areas around the Kingdom and make sure our maps of the land are up-to-date. Please, don’t venture too far.”

Philo saluted Bartley with a mischievous wink, as Peter straightened his posture, ready to receive his assignment which was most likely saved for last because of its utmost importance.

“Oh, ah, Peter,” said Bartley, seemingly taken off guard when he heard Peter clear his throat, “It looks like you won’t be needed today. That is all.”

As Bartley retreated back toward the village square, Peter could hardly believe what he had heard. He wasn’t needed? Him? Not needed? How could this possible be true! Peter had so much experience, so many skills that could be employed. Bartley had made a horrible mistake.

Peter remained composed, despite his horrible shock, and began thinking immediately. He was going to participate in the Day of Improvement whether he was given a task or not. He would show Bartley, and all the others, what they had somehow failed to see: that his skills were valuable. He set to work immediately.

As the day wore on, the villagers worked hard at their tasks, though Philo occasionally got sidetracked with an especially enticing tree climbing adventure, and Isaac had to mediate the occasional argument between Gerald and William. Bartley could see that all of the jobs he delegated were well suited to their recipients. Though some needed extra direction, he was pleased with the majority of their work.

As he scanned the work of the villagers, however, Bartley realized that Peter was not among them. Sure, he wasn’t given a specific job, but he should still be working today, a day that is set apart for community service.

Bartley continued to keep an eye out for Peter as the day continued. Hour after hour, Bartley watched as Hannah fashioned new bandages, now carefully tucked away in the infirmary, and Siobhan presented to him detailed graphs on the distribution of rainwater, along with step-by-step plans for improvement. Still, he did not see Peter.

As the day was coming to a close, Bartley returned to the Town Square. When he arrived, he could hardly believe what he saw.

“Villagers! Each one of you! Please gather round!” Bartley called, with pride and pleasure in his voice. Philo, who had returned from his mapmaking, helped gather the villagers in the square, where they were all ooh-ing and ahh-ing.

“Peter!” Bartley boomed, “please tell us of this magnificent project you have completed!”

“I was inspired by you, my Baron, and all of the villagers,” Peter began, motioning toward a quite intricate structure beside the Town Hall. “This here is a small model of our Kingdom, made from fallen or disregarded materials from the town structures themselves. I thought that this model could serve a number of purposes. First, it, in itself, is a map, useful for visitors. It may aid us in planning forms of attack and defense, in case of violent threat. It may also be useful in forming a more detailed plan for water distribution, based on the elevation of each area. The structure itself brings beauty to the Town Square because of my painstaking craftsmanship.

“Finally,” said Peter, motioning to a small, stone plaque positioned in front of the model of Town Hall, “I would hereby like to propose a new tradition. Each year, on the Day of Improvement, the Baron will choose to recognize one villager who has gone great lengths to advance our Kingdom of Camran. This villager will receive the Baron’s Accolade, for outstanding service to the kingdom.”

“What a splendid idea,” said Bartley, all but clapping his hands. “This new development will serve our Kingdom and its occupants very well, indeed. And so, if I may, I wish to give the very first Baron’s Accolade to you, Peter! Thank you for your initiative in this creative accomplishment! You are exactly what this village needs!”

The villagers nodded and clapped in agreement with Bartley, all affirming Peter’s groundbreaking work.

Peter himself stood in front of his appreciative villagers, and did his best to feign humility. Silently, he thought to himself, This village would probably fall apart without me.