Evelyn Olivares | E7 Camran – Taking time to enjoy the adventure
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E7 Camran – Taking time to enjoy the adventure

E7 Camran – Taking time to enjoy the adventure

Tales of the Kingdom of Camran

Philo the Page, the hero of our tale, whose mirthful sense of serendipity takes him on many an adventure, on days just like today…

Philo the Page opened his eyes, sighed deeply, and smiled. Today, like every day, was full of wonderful opportunities.

Each morning, Philo woke with the sun, prepared himself for the day, and went to the dwelling of William, the Warrior, for whom he acted as an assistant. Being William’s right-hand-man came with a sense of uncertainty and danger, and Philo thrived on it. He couldn’t wait to see what the day had in store for them today. Defending the village from a wild beast? An epic battle against a malevolent nomad? Philo’s mind went wild with possibilities as he made his way toward William’s abode.

When Philo arrived, William was sitting on a large stone with Gerald the Guardian, looking out toward the hills and valleys in the distance beyond the walls of Camran. They both greeted Philo with a nod. Philo nodded in return, waiting to hear of the day’s plans.

“Gerald and I agree that the Kingdom is not under any threats today,” said William, slowly. “Today, we revel in our safety, and keep watch.”

Keep watch?” asked Philo, incredulously. “That’s it?”

“That’s it,” said Gerald, who seemed simply delighted by the prospect.  Philo sighed deeply for the second time that day, but this sigh was different. Each muscle of his body was itching for adventure. He peered into the distance, following the gaze of William and Gerald. Suddenly, he had an idea.

“Did you see that?” Philo said suddenly, with urgency, pointing toward the hills.

“What? What is it?” asked William, who had just momentarily glanced down to polish the leather holster of his dagger. He seemed embarrassed to be caught off-guard, even for a moment.

“Just over there, beyond that tree,” said Philo, his voice quivering with excitement. “I saw a bright flash of light. There, don’t you see the smoke it left behind?”

“It does look a little bit hazy,” said Gerald, squinting, “but perhaps it was nothing.”

“But we must be sure,” said William, now sitting up quite straight. “A bright light followed by smoke? It could be some sort of explosion.”

Nearby, Siobhan and Hannah were walking, enjoying the early morning sunshine. Hannah must have sensed the tension between the three men, as she often did, and approached them slowly.

“Is everything alright?” Hannah asked, followed closely by Siobhan.

“Perhaps not,” said Philo, very seriously. “Did you two hear anything? Feel anything? A slight rumbling or shaking of the earth perhaps?”

“I might have,” said Hannah, who was often open to the power of suggestion. “Remember, Siobhan? Just back there on the path? When I tripped?”

“You tripped over a tree root, Hannah,” said Siobhan, matter-of-factly.

“But perhaps I didn’t,” Hannah replied, her eyes wide. “What did the three of you see?”

“It may have been an explosion,” Gerald muttered, still squinting in the direction of the hills.”

“Someone must summon Bartley,” said William.

“Why must someone summon Bartley,” asked Meryl, drifting toward the group with a bouquet of wildflowers. “Daisy, Hannah?” Meryl held a single flower out toward Hannah. She accepted it graciously.

“It’s protocol to summon Bartley if an expedition is to be organized,” said Siobhan.

“An expedition?” Meryl asked.

“An expedition!” Philo announced, triumphantly. He could no longer hide the grin that was spreading across his face. “I will notify Bartley, the Baron. Isaac, the Inventor, may be able to assist as well!”

“He might,” said Hannah. “He was telling me yesterday that he was developing a new outerwear design, both lightweight and waterproof.”

It took only moments for Philo to skip down the path to the Inventor’s hut.

“Isaac!” he called, not bothering to mask his enthusiasm, “We have a crisis! There will be an expedition! Your services are requested!”

Isaac followed Philo out the door, grabbing various tools and garments that may be useful. They stopped to notify Bartley, and made their way back to the group of villagers, all talking and planning with excitement and concern.

“Gerald, you’ll map out our course, making sure to mark our trail as we go,” said William, organizing the expedition crew.

“I have traveled these hills, and braved greater dangers than these,” said Peter, the Politician, who had also joined the group. “You’ll need me to help navigate, to be sure.”

“Very well, Peter,” said William. “Hannah, you’ll come along, too, in case there are any injuries. Bartley, you and Siobhan will stay. Meryl, too. I will lead us, with my sword at one side… and Philo at the other.”

Philo beamed with pride and excitement. He cheerfully helped make all the necessary preparations, and then set out on a grand new adventure to investigate the possible and curious threat of the bright light that Philo had completely made up… though now, accompanied by this troupe of brave adventurers, he wasn’t so sure if he had imagined it after all.