Evelyn Olivares | The Hero’s Journey
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The Hero’s Journey

Understanding and Living

Understanding this journey is so very easy and exciting when you get it. The Hero’s Journey is about the many different archetypes we relate to in this magnificent journey we call life. It’s an archetypal story that shares insights of how to go from “Struggle Street” to “Free-way”. It’s epic, filled with adventure, it’s a wonderful experience and journey you too can choose if you’d like to.


The Hero’s Journey is one in which a courageous and determined soul sets forth into the “Mysterious Unknown” to experience new things (both the magnificent, and the terrors of life), and then returns home a changed person.


The reality is, having a better understanding of this journey may in fact be the critical difference in your success. You’ll likely find that it’s the main key to achieving the life goals you desire, and allowing yourself to enjoy the journey along the way. Leadership Evolves introduces you to The Archetypes of the Enneagram and The Hero’s Journey in more detail to open doors in self coaching (and it helps you coach those whose life you touch). Understanding Archetypes assists you to experience your own unique Hero’s Journey and your deepest Mythic Identity.


So I know you may be wondering, “What are Archetypes”?

Well, Archetypes are the stuff we’ve all heard about in myths and legends in those “Once Upon a Time” stories that live in our memories. You’ll find the structure of the hero’s Journey in narrative from the best authors and storytellers we’ve ever known. Mythological film accounts of the hero’s Journey by way of archetypes you’ll recognize may include a brave young hero, a noble steed, mother of fire breathing dragons, damsel in distress, an innocent facing a jealous witch or sorcerer, a fairy godmother and handsome prince. In the past, it may have been explained to most as a “world of make-believe”. But think about it, is it?


Well when you stay here with me and see for yourself how this unfolds, I think you’ll agree with me now that it feels right. This so called “world of make believe”, speaks volumes in our knowing its more than make-believe, its more than we’ve been raised to believe, its intertwined in everything we have ever seen, heard and experienced in our lifetime and will continue long into our journey ahead.


Go ahead now and think for a moment about your own experience of life, what would happen of you were to start questioning what many are inclined to call “reality”? Go on, do that now, become really curious and look at what you have been led to believe is reality, when you do that, I believe you’ll find yourself faced with real surprises, and often discover it’s very different to what we were led to believe – less tangible and even more bizarre then originally imagined.


Understanding The Art & Architecture of Archetypes of The Enneagram and The Hero’s Journey, can help us discover a new world to explore, especially if we work with it from a transformational perspective. This is exactly what we do at Leadership Evolves, take you on a journey of experiential learning with Archetypes of The Enneagram. Give us a shout when you’re curious to know more, ready to step up and create some amazing change with The Journey within.

Archetypes of The Enneagram and Leadership Evolves