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The Leadership Lens

The Leadership Lens

How to Sharpen and Perfect Your Focus

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.” – Helen Keller

In leadership, its easy to fall into a habit: the habit of seeing things as they appear at face value.

After all, as a leader in a busy workplace, you have a million things to think about, and sometimes that first glance you give your team in the morning, is the only glance you have time to take.

In a previous article, we discussed bagua zhang, a Chinese motif and martial art based on the 5,000-year old I Ching, or Book of Changes.

“The hallmarks of Bagua are its circular stepping and its marvelous development and utilization of special awareness both within and outside of the body,” says the Taoist Studies Institute. http://www.taoiststudiesinstitute.org/bagua-zhang/

Bagua, among other things, is about practicing the art of awareness. And it’s this same sense of full awareness – both inside and outside – that leaders should strive for every single day.

Put on Your Leadership Glasses

Awareness requires focus, attention, listening, and of course, truly seeing the people around you. To do this? Put on your leadership glasses.

Just like real glasses, these spectacles put the world into focus. With your leadership glasses in hand, you’ll be able to tap into some powerful insights, and a remarkable sense of awareness.

  1. Your Personal Prescription: Remember, you see the world through your very own glasses. That means there’s plenty you alone notice, and plenty you might miss.  
  2. Introspective Spectacles: Your glasses are special; they give you the ability to see your own inner self; strengths, weaknesses, emotions. Remember to see what’s going on inside.
  3. Lookout Lenses: Your leadership glasses bring the world around you into sharp focus; the people around you are suddenly multifaceted, complex, and filled with potential.
  4. Clarity in All You Do: Most importantly, your glasses let you see yourself in relationship to those around you; giving you interpersonal perspectives that are truly valuable.

Like those who practice bagua, begin practicing the art of awareness. Instead of seeing the world at face value, put on your leadership lenses, sharpen your focus, and gain the true gift of sight.