Things People Say

My Experience – Lorena Medina

I met Evelyn at a time in my life when things unravelled and there was nowhere to hide. I had to confront my childhood, my parents, my failed marriage, my parenting… myself. Evelyn helped me think and feel my way through trauma, fear and deep pain. She did it be asking questions and pointing out the good in me and my life. She guided me to follow my light and value my true essence. It was always there… I knew what to do, I just had no way of expressing it to myself.

Thanks to the work she did with me and her faith in me. I regained myself and gave myself the chance to follow my true calling. I did not settle. At first I only knew what I didn’t want… not even what I wanted in my life. Now I ask, what does life want from me and I am open to possibility.

You see, when you go through a crisis, you are first consumed by fear, but then, as things evolve, you realise that you won’t break and that is empowering. You need to have that happen, because the old solutions are no longer good enough. You need a new matrix altogether! I had to learn to see myself differently, to think differently and to accept that everything was wrong. I am working through that and I am loving the change, the possibilities and I have learned to trust life.

Thank you Evelyn, now I feel that I am in true conversation with myself, both my soul and my mind. My conscious self and unconscious self are in touch… I am me. I hope to live a good life and to honour your gift. Thank you for touching my life when I needed you most.

Lorena Medina

What an inspiration, What an adventure this has been – Shay Shigufi Ali

Before I met Evelyn I was depressed with all the things going on in my life. I was right at the bottom of the success line when I met Evelyn but after spending a few months with her as my coach everything started to change.

Evelyn has taught me so many things, she was able to help me complete my studies and helped me to clarify my destination and it’s fantastic. I have regained my confidence and am now living a life of success and, on my own terms

It’s amazing how easy it actually started happening. Once I started to focus on my career it all came together, I am now working in an amazing organisation climbing the ladder of success and I feel it would not have been possible without this lady.

She always asked me who was my inspiration, and now I know, I can proudly say that my inspiration is Evelyn!

Shay Shigufa Ali – SWSi 2014

Evelyn has given me great support in academics & psychology – Jane Chen

As a young mum and wife I have always felt blessed to have lived a happy, fulfilling life with my daughter and husband. I devoted myself to my family, nurtured my daughter through her years of learning to ensure she had the best education possible. As a qualified accountant, I’ve always worked and contributed financially to the household and that meant we were able to spend quality time together on family holidays, which I remember so clearly.

One day I woke up and things had changed, I found myself in a curiously foreign position. My daughter had grown up and chose to spend a lot more time with her friends, and although I understood that, it did make me feel a little sad. My husband had been spending more and more time at work and suddenly I found myself at a loss, alienated, it’s like I didn’t know my place in the world anymore. I began to realize that something was missing in my life. So I returned to study.

I worked full time during the day and studied four nights per week. I found there just wasn’t enough time for me to do the research to meet all the subjects’ requirements and it was affecting me.

Things started to get easier when Evelyn became my teacher. The lecture notes and resources she provided were excellent. One of the greatest lessons I learned from her was how to receive, which in the past was foreign to me because I spent my life devoted to and taking care of others. I realized that I had been giving so much to so many that there was no love left for self. That has now all changed!

I have learned to develop and appreciate true independence and autonomy by nurturing myself. I continue to put in place clear boundaries with a realistic sense of human limits and most importantly, I have learned that it’s okay to say “no” while still enjoying the act of giving to others.

Evelyn has helped me to be able to pay attention to my personal needs and wants and has allowed me to further develop my inner directedness.

If like me, you have experienced some confusion throughout the different stages of your life. I can recommend you take the journey and discover Evelyn’s “Archetypes of The Enneagram” program to help you clear any confusion and make a confident new start.

I am so proud of being your student. Thank you.

Jane Chen – SWSi 2015

The most memorable & effective form of learning  – Wenna Wu

Being an ex UNI student I was subjected to all kinds of teaching styles both in Australia and internationally. I found that Evelyn Olivares’s style of teaching and method of communication was by far the most memorable and effective form of learning I’ve ever received. Not only does she educate; she also listens. Evelyn ensures that the students that she coaches receive a complete understanding in order to reach their full potential.

For me and most of my class mates – we actually found ourselves eager to come to class. We wanted to learn in a warm, productive environment and the vibe Evelyn sets encourages the whole class to interact and learn from each other.

Besides the late Cathy Lee, Evelyn Olivares has made a profound impression on my development as a young adult and I’ll never forget her. Thank you Evelyn xox

Wenna Wu

I didn’t feel the way I expected  – Kit Won

As a 45 years old returning to studying and working…..yes, you’re right !!! it wasn’t always easy but with Evelyn, I didn’t feel the way I expected that it might have… She makes the learning so enjoyable, she’s not teaching by reading notes or PowerPoint, it is all about “The Real” things that happen in the industry, The good and the bad, from the “Good”, you can think and see what you could do better and from the “Bad” you can think and see what you’ve learned from it and the way you can avoid it.

Her knowledge wasn’t just in the Real Estate, it is the life experience that money can’t buy, you never expected that you can learn or hear these from college or Uni.

Response to email was what amazed me as you do not get response that “quick” no, actually that “Fast” from other teachers… their response was ” I have a job outside of here”…  but so does she!

Her willingness to share, support and help!

Real life examples not armchair strategy.

Time gone “Too Quick” in her class.

Please see this link:

25 Things Successful Teachers Do Differently

Evelyn score 23/25 (Excepted 13 and 20 as not in my case) Why ? Browse the link and find out !

She is definitely worth the investment.

Kit Won – SWSi 2015

Learn the importance of understanding  – Robert Volpato

Evelyn has changed the way of approaching and seeing things we may overcome in our journey through life definitely in relation with people and in real estate. Evelyn is a very outgoing person who is caring women who works hard at bringing out the best in people whom ever they may be, as she aims for the best positive outcome.

Just trying to understand others and how they react in which they perceive things though life, if you ask her questions she tries to break it up or come from a different approach of understanding so you will learn the importance of understanding.

Evelyn is definitely a great teacher with good knowledge and understanding of running businesses and is also good influencer. If you are willing to open up to Evelyn you can highly expect to be heading into the better direction in your life where she will help you overcome negativity.

Rob Volpato – SWSi 2015

7 Steps to Become a Leader – Jodie Dunne

“A truly amazing book”

I almost could not believe how much this has transformed my life. It has revived my purpose and vision in life and put me back on the road to feeling happy and fulfilled in my career and family life.

Thanks Evelyn for sharing so much with me”

Jodie Dunne

Going Deeper to find my Passion – Emma French

I decided to sign up for 6 hours of life coaching with Evelyn. Boy am I glad I did.

Evelyn described what the Life Coaching sessions would involve and what I was to get out of them. This answered some of my questions and I was happy to learn that it would actually help me determine where my life is heading and how I was going to achieve my future dreams and goals.

The initial process was to fill in a form and talk about my business and future career. This was difficult for me because I do a few different jobs, but not one I call a ‘career’. Anyhow after the first hour with Evelyn I quickly discovered that I did have goals to put in place just that I hadn’t yet realised them.

Evelyn’s coaching skills and techniques really helped me go deeper into my own heart to discover and reinforce my passions and beliefs. She introduced invaluable tools to our sessions which helped me to overcome certain blocks, which have held me back for some time.

I found Evelyn’s practical and supportive approach ideal for getting me to be honest with myself and to be able to face hidden aspects of my personality which were holding me back. Even via the telephone, I found Evelyn’s warmth, sensitivity and non-judgemental guidance a real comfort which encouraged me to bring my life into focus and determine how it should unfold.

She has helped me to become more of an individual and to cherish what achievements I have already made in life, as well as getting me excited about what’s to come.

The insights I have gained through our coaching will continue to help me to get to where I want to be in the future. I hold no reservations whatsoever in recommending her to others.

Thank you dearly Evelyn!

Emma French

Trust the Process – Melissa Frey

I was a bit unsure of having coaching over the phone because I thought these things really needed face to face – but I gave it a go and found it was quite amazing what can happen over a phone line!

Evelyn was able to pick up on issues easily and got straight to the heart of matters. Processes done over the phone, such as visualizations, worked very well.

Overall I would highly recommend coaching from Evelyn and would encourage others thinking about it to be honest and open and trust the process knowing that the relationship with Evelyn provides a totally safe place to express what is really going on.

Melissa Frey

Tuart Hill, Perth, WA

You inspired me to enjoy learning – Tina

Thank you Evelyn for everything you have taught me, I’m applying this valuable knowledge in my personal life too. Your afternoon classes taught me a lot about myself. Thank you for showing us that learning can be a creative and a fun process. You inspired me to enjoy learning.

Farewell to a great teacher Evelyn. Before I leave, I would like to express my gratitude for your dedication and love you have shown to us- your students. You inspired me to enjoy learning and the whole class appreciated your teaching style, thank you for your support you have given me through our time in your class, good luck for the future..the class will miss you..keep in touch. We will work together again some time in the near future.

Tina – SWSi 2014

She opened my eyes to becoming a pioneer – T.J. Jeitani

Evelyn showed me there’s more to real estate than just listing, sales & property management. She’s opened my eyes to becoming a pioneer, a leader in my field for which I can’t wait to apply upon receipt of my Diploma & License registration soon. 

Evelyn is well spoken, understanding & conscious to different peoples learning methods which I felt was real value considering the extra success tips & examples given for which I’m appreciative of.

Evelyn’s Class was enjoyable, every subject was absorbed nicely through her unique delivery method. Her personality & presence in class are very soothing, I’d gladly have her again as a teacher & mentor moving forward In the future.

Many thanks for everything… Evelyn & Tafe for presenting such a qualified person to teach & inspire our class.

T.J – SWSi 2014

Always did that little bit extra – Tenielle Purea

I just want to say a big thank you for everything you have taught me. Your classes were always enjoyable to attend! Not only did we have many interactive activities to help us learn and relate to the work force and life but you always did that little bit extra & took the time and effort to teach everyone in the class. 

How helpful, fun & dedicated you were to our class!

Evelyn is such a genuine, caring teacher who takes the time & effort to help us learn. With her dedication & creative teaching style, our classes were always a pleasure to attend to. She shows much support & inspired many in our class!

Tenielle Purea – SWSi 2014

I now teach my children they can have fun while learning – Oscar Yap

First and foremost Evelyn is one of the top three teachers I had at TAFE Granville. Evelyn is an inspiration to me and a role model. Her teaching methods are always educational, factual and fun. My only regret was that I only had her as a teacher for one term.

I’ve been out of the school environment for a long,long time. With the way Evelyn taught I actually found that learning can be fun and as a result I now teach my children that they can have fun while learning. They do need the right teacher though. Evelyn always found time not just for me but the entire class if we ever needed help in anything. Her open door approach is fantastic. The discussion amongst the students always picked Evelyn as one of the best teachers we’ve had.

Oscar Yap – SWSi 2014

Quality comes in Bucket loads – Gary Blumberg

Evelyn’s training is personal, exciting and the quality comes in bucket loads.

There is so much extra depth and meaning in her delivery to our team and her ability to adapt to each individual is remarkable…

And knowing we are not going to be just left on our own to fight in the wilderness means everything.

We always get that through Evelyn, she’s always there to field questions when I call long after the training.

That’s what you get from Evelyn, she’s going to be there and support you through your journey.

Gary Blumberg

What an Inspiration – Natalie Farrugia

What an inspiration. What an adventure this has been.

Evelyn has coached and helped me clarify my destination and it’s fantastic.

I have regained my confidence and can live my own life on my own terms and really succeed.

This book is awesome.

Natalie Farrugia

You made a Difference to me – Saras Singh

Evelyn you made a difference to me. I always looked forward to your class and will always like to be in contact with you.

You make people happy and that’s important. I had been a very sad and lonely person due to some stuff that was going on in my life, but going to your class always made me happy.

Funny, isn’t it, you probably were not even aware as to what impact you were having on my life!

Saras Singh

Don’t get ripped off again, this coaching really pays off – Jack M McKenzie

Engaging Evelyn as my career coach is by far the most amazing career decision I have made – I really felt taken care of.

Evelyn really got to the core of me very quickly. She understood what I was aiming for and made it easy for me to sow the seeds.

I can’t believe how easy it all is once you know the inside secrets. I would never have discovered any of this on my own – like everyone else I thought it was difficult to get a job… a career you really want. Well it isn’t. After just a couple of sessions with Evelyn and attending her training on “Communication and understanding people psychology” I researched my target, landed an interview and was offered the job. Wow!

Not only was the coaching super-affordable… but heck, it worked so well it paid for itself in the first week. Don’t get ripped off again – this coaching stuff really pays off… Boy am I glad I chose to make that investment in myself.

Thank you so much Evelyn for your assistance and coaching me on how to successfully interview potential employers! And Win!

Jack M McKenzie

I am so pleased I made the investment in myself – Pam Sainsbury

Evelyn Olivares has been my business coach for the past 12 months and has been delivering CPD training and business systems and processes training for my team for over 3 years.

Engaging Evelyn as my career coach is by far the most valuable investment I have ever made in my career – I really felt taken care of and Evelyn was only a phone call or email away for advice when you need it.

Evelyn really got to the core of me very quickly. She understood what I was aiming for and made it easy for me to sow the seeds. I can’t believe how easy it all is once you know the inside secrets. I would never have discovered any of this on my own.

Not only was the coaching super-affordable….it worked so well and paid for itself in the first few weeks.

I am so pleased I made that investment in myself.

Thank you so much Evelyn for your assistance as well as for coaching me on how to successfully run my business and make the most of my career.

Pam Sainsbury