Evelyn Olivares | Try a little Pixy Dust
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Try a little Pixy Dust

Try a little Pixy Dust

Build Lasting Rapport with Your Team Members

“the world is of faith, and trust, and pixie dust.”

-J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

In your every day life, you get to pick your friends. It’s your choice who you invite to dinner, hang out with after work, or let in on your secrets. You choose your circle. Team leadership is different.

As a leader, you may not be surrounded by like-minded individuals every day. Your team will be diverse – built of people who bring a variety of different skills, talents, challenges, and experience to the table.

Your job: to build a strong, lasting connection with each and every one of these individuals.

Sound challenging? It is. Even the most easy-going among us aren’t going to instantly jive with everyone. We all have our own opinions, methods, and unique work styles. And that’s natural.

Psychologist and ESI pioneer, Daniel Goleman discusses this subject eloquently in a related article: http://www.danielgoleman.info/daniel-goleman-how-to-overcome-communication-breakdowns/

At Leadership Evolves, you’ll discover powerful Emotional and Social Intelligence skills that allow you to transcend ordinary relationships. Here, you’ll practice communicating with intention. Using real, proven techniques to make your interactions with your team members more meaningful, impactful, and effective.

Through focused study of self awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills; you’ll discover how to create strong connections with every single one of your team members, not just the few you instantly jive with.

J.M. Barrie puts it eloquently in his famous book, Peter Pan, “all the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust.”

This may seem like a trite fairy tale myth. And yet, it has some real bearing in the challenging process of connecting with your individual team members.

  • Have faith: believe in the individuals on your team. Even if you’re not sure at first what they’ll bring to the table, give them the benefit of the doubt, leave room to be amazed, and expect that they’ll surpass your expectations.
  • Build trust: it takes time to build trust between two people. Show the individuals on your team that you’re in their corner. Follow through on your promises, respect your team members, lead by example, and really listen.
  • Try a little pixie dust: in every person-to-person connection, you’re going to need a little pixie dust. Remember to laugh, be surprised, make mistakes, appreciate hard work, notice and celebrate the magical people around you.

The world is filled with astounding things. Most importantly, lasting connections with your team members; outstanding individuals whose talent, kindness, and expertise you might otherwise have missed.

Join us at Leadership Evolves