2022 Diploma Business Admin
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Liverpool 2022 S1 T2 Session Plan

TAFE Digital  Campus enrolment link

Gelos Enterprises website resources here

BSBTWK502 Manage Team effectiveness

BSBCRT511 Develop Critical Thinking in others



Enneagram Personality Survey 1-9 2
Download your answer sheet Enneagram survey TEMPLATE

The Enneagram – learn more here

EO DISC Summary 1 page

Mind Tools Article  Situation – Behaviour – Impact – Feedback tool

Mind Tools – Emotional Intelligence

A Leaders Role in the Tuckman Model

watch video here

Enneagram Forming Storming EO

EIO Enneagram – DISC – Myer Briggs – GOT
EIO Living The Dream SMARTER
Values – Individual and Professional Viewpoint

Enneagram Cracking The Code


Milton Erikson Biography link

Heirachy of Ideas CHUNKING

KOLB Learning Styles DISC

Evelyn Script example meeting presentation for students

Sample script for Role Play

Cl_Teams meeting SCRIPT roleplay sample 2of3


The 9 BELBIN Team Roles


What type are you?

Dr Britt Andreatta

Talent Professionals eguide to building teams

Optional – Additional Resources

Forbes Article – 14 things Emotionally Intelligent People do in times of high stress.

Lifehack Article 11 Essential Habits for Success

Decision Innovation Article  Emotional Decision Making

Outsmart Your Brain  What triggers your emotions

Spark Notes Article Emotion and culture article

BIG Think article – The Amygdala in 5 minutes

Tuckman Model – Business balls

Blogs and articles of interest

EO Blog – Clear line of sight – True North
EO Blog  The Ballet of Leadership
EO Blog – Tap into the Power of Reflective Learning
EO Blog – How flexible and adaptable are you
EO Blog – Decision Making, Risk Management and Timeframes
EO Blog  SMARTER Goals
King Luis XIV was as great a dancer as he was military and political leader- Forbes article
Mind Tools Blog – Become a more strategic leader


Simon Sinek  TED talk
Dr Britt Andreatta – The Neuroscience of Change
(fast forward to 30 min for positive view insights on Leading Change)
Mind Tools – What is Strategy
Watch the Hero’s Journey video here