Do you analyse every little detail? Do you worry about taking action if you haven’t scrutinized the ‘ifs and buts of life?’ Many of us are guilty of overthinking but when we concentrate so whole-heartedly on the minute details we often fail to see the big picture. We’re often inclined to think too much as we grow older, we’re aware of all of the pit-falls that litter the way forward and, understandably, we become reluctant to fall foul of mistakes that could cost us dear. Too many details can only serve to overwhelm and stifle your creative approach to life and in the same way; overthinking can kill your true potential. Life becomes too restrictive. There has to be a balance.

We all know there’s an overthinking trap so to avoid it, when you are about to fall foul of stepping into checking mode, think about the subject at hand and ask yourself if your choice is going to really matter next month, next year or even in 5 years time? Will sweating the small stuff really make a big difference? Sometimes it’s important to widen perspective and focus on something a little more important. It may not be easy to stop overthinking or using it as a form of procrastination but it’s important.

Consider this, for every indecision made – you are wasting precious time and, missing out on opportunities. Sometimes it takes a concerted effort to realise that overthinking hinders and holds you back from your true potential. But how do you make changes when you are stuck in the quagmire of your own making? How do you move forward? There are many powerful resources available for change – books, DVD’s or a favourite, coaching where perception can be expanded and changed, and a fluid approach to all new situations can occur. Every resource has its benefits and if we take the 9 distinct personality types that make up a resource known as The Enneagram it makes understanding your own unique personality type quite important. Overthinking and indecisiveness may be borne not just through your past experiences but be connected to the characteristics of type. This doesn’t mean that you have to stay confined within the boundaries, you can grow and develop but awareness is key. The Enneagram is surprisingly accurate and it highlights areas of growth as well as revealing the more rigid areas of the personality type.

Learning why you think, feel and act in a certain way can be essential to your own future development. It provides a unique insight into you the individual and many who have delved into this personal growth area have been able to utilise it, helping them expand the positive attributes while diminishing the areas that are negative in nature. With a little help, you can stay true to yourself while becoming a person of action, a person who is not held back by fear and who only analyses situations that truly warrant it. So, kill the overthinking and release your true potential.


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