Evelyn Olivares | With Great Power
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With Great Power

With Great Power

Taking on the Challenge

“Remember, with great power comes great responsibility.”

  • Uncle Ben in Spiderman

Becoming a leader is fun, exhilarating, and rewarding. When you arrive at Leadership Evolves, you’ll quickly discover your very own, unique strengths – and you’ll gain skills that really do set you apart.

And with those skills come… you guessed it… great responsibilities. Responsibilities that come at the least expected moments. As a leader, you’ll have a group of people depending on you for support, guidance, insight, and encouragement. When things get tough, you’ll be the person who must lead the way, and weather the storm.

Are you up for the challenge?

Of course you are. You have everything it takes to lead your team and clients through interpersonal conflicts, challenging times in the company, or difficult tasks. At the upcoming Leadership Evolves intensive, you’ll gain the skills necessary to get through the most frustrating team experiences.

The good news? You won’t have to do it alone.

A lot of leaders make a common mistake, thinking “I’m a leader, that means I have to always know the answer” or, “I’m a leader, that means I never make mistakes,” or more commonly, “I’m a leader, I shouldn’t need to turn to others for advice or guidance.”

Here’s the secret: the most successful leaders know there’s never just one answer, have the wisdom to learn from their mistakes, and eagerly ask the advice and guidance of their friends, colleagues, and teachers.

Becoming a leader means great responsibility, but it doesn’t mean you’re stepping into the wilderness all alone.  

At Leadership Evolves, you’ll discover like-minded individuals eager to be a part of your world, to encourage you, and to cheer you on. You’ll have new friends, new colleagues, and new teachers who will change the way you face your life and your career.

Even better, that community doesn’t disappear after the weekend event is over. By attending Leadership Evolves, you’re getting in on a lasting support network that’s there for you when you need.

Now’s your chance to shine. Even better, you’ll have the support to help you face every challenge with courage.