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“Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakes.” – Carl Jung
“While we teach, we learn.” – Seneca

As a coach and leader, you reap powerful benefits – the benefits of growing personally through the work you do every day.

“For thousands of years, people have known that the best way to understand a concept is to explain it to someone else…” says an article in Time Magazine, “Now, scientists are bringing this ancient wisdom up to date.” found here

Coaching others is truly an incredible way to learn about yourself. Not only will you need to lead by example – tapping immediately into your own strengths and weaknesses – you’ll have an amazing sounding board in your team; they will reflect your work in their performance.

The benefits you reap from leadership are myriad. Leadership:

  • Heightens your self awareness
  • Gives you deeper interpersonal insights
  • Develops your management skills
  • Shows you your strengths
  • Highlights your weaknesses
  • Encourages you to elevate your standards
  • Takes you on your own journey of discovery

Leadership is a crash course in self-discovery; a jumping off-point for not just becoming a better coach; becoming a more compassionate, insightful, and successful person. Of course, just like any learning process, there are some important stages to be aware of:

Practice the Basics

Just like any new skill, it’s important to first focus on mastering the basics. You’ll need to practice strong listening skills, the ability to ask powerful questions, the ability provide accountability in a non-threatening way, a positive outlook, the ability to view situations from multiple perspectives, high levels of Emotional Intelligence, strong communication skills, empathy, tact and diplomacy, and expertise in various coaching areas and methods such as The Enneagram, NLP, Myers-Briggs, etc.

Tackle the Challenges

Of course, discovering your strengths and weaknesses will mean constant challenges, and you’ll run up against road blocks, make mistakes, discover big questions, and get confused. At every bend, remember to embrace the struggle. Just like athletes who push themselves to run further or jump higher, the challenge is where you discover your real potential.

Uncover the Treasure

Every really great learning curve reveals buried treasure. You’ll be wowed by your team members as individuals, bowled over by your groups abilities, and you’ll amaze yourself with hidden talents and untapped potential. Work hard. Have fun. And, prepare to be amazed at every turn.